Schoolgirl Samurai Action Title SAMURAI MAIDEN Out Now

D3PUBLISHER Inc., a leading Japanese games publisher, and developer Shade Inc., today released its schoolgirl samurai action title, SAMURAI MAIDEN. SAMURAI MAIDEN is now available to purchase digitally on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch system, and Steam with standard editions priced at an MSRP of $59.99/€59.99 and digital deluxe editions available for $74.99/€74.99. The digital deluxe edition comes with costume outfits for all playable characters, a powerful weapon, and additional background music to hack and slash away to.

SAMURAI MAIDEN follows the story of 21st-century high school student, Tsumugi Tamaori, who is summoned in her sleep to the historic Sengoku period and the smoldering Honnoji Temple. Experience fast-paced action as this everyday girl slays demons and slashes her way through the chaos. Together with a historical figure, Nobunaga Oda, and a trio of newfound ninja friends, Tsumugi and the team find themselves confronted by enraged corpses at every turn. Nothing can stop this all-female powerhouse team, as the young woman-turned-samurai slices up enemies while her ninja companions wipe them out with their fierce ninjutsu.

When the going gets tough, activate the Devoted Heart technique to have the samurai and ninja lock lips to enhance their abilities so they can approach the many exhilarating and epic battles that ensue. Do your part and join this brand-new female-led sword-fighting team to slay the Demon Lord of the Sengoku period and forge everlasting bonds with your ninja friends. Will you be able to rewrite Japanese history forever?

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