‘Shadow Warrior 3’ and ‘Ready or Not’ Reflex Upgrades Result in Huge Gains

Today NVIDIA announced that GeForce gamers who play Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not are reducing system latency in those games with the addition of NVIDIA Reflex. Enabling Reflex in Shadow Warrior 3reduces system latency by up to 56%, while Ready or Not sees 42% lower latency. Reducing system latency will help players be more competitive.

NVIDIA has also added a pair of G-SYNC displays and gaming mice to the Reflex ecosystem.

Shadow Warrior 3 Reduces Latency by up to 56% with Reflex

There is no better set-up for Shadow Warrior 3 than a GeForce RTX-based PC or laptop. Earlier this month the game received a performance increase of up to 68% by adding NVIDIA DLSS support. Now NVIDIA is giving GeForce Gamers a system latency reduction of up to 56% in the game. GeForce Gamers get the ultimate Shadow Warrior 3 experience with the one-click latency reduction of Reflex and frame rates accelerated using DLSS.

Ready or Not, Here Comes Another Reflex Upgrade of up to 42%.

Gamers that are gearing up for Ready or Not, the co-operative shooter that is currently getting a ton of rave reviews in Early Access, are about to see their gameplay get a whole lot more responsive. In Ready or Not’s realistic scenarios, milliseconds make the difference between stopping a suspect or losing your life. With one click, Ready or Not players can reduce system latency in that game by up to 42%.

The NVIDIA Reflex Ecosystem Continues to Expand

NVIDIA Reflex is a suite of technologies that optimize and measure system latency in competitive games. It delivers a competitive edge for gamers, reducing system latency so actions occur quicker, making players more competitive in multiplayer matches, and making single-player titles more responsive. Reflex is available in the most popular multiplayer and esports games, supported on GeForce graphics cards dating back to the GTX 900 Series, and it takes only a single click to enable.

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer enables easy, accurate measurement of click-to-photon latency for the very first time. Using GeForce Experience and compatible tech built into Reflex mice and monitors, latency can be measured, players can tweak their setup, then test again to confirm latency is further reduced. New Reflex displays include the AOC AG254FG and the Viewsonic XG271QG.

Reflex Mice unlock the capability to measure full system latency when paired with a Reflex Analyzer display. This month, the Alienware Wired Gaming Mouse AW320M and ROCCAT Kone XP Gaming Mouse became the latest NVIDIA Reflex-compatible mice.

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