SIDE BULLET Unveils Arsenal in Latest Trailer

South Korean Studio PressA Highlights New Weapons for Upcoming 2D Battle Royale

South Korean development team PressA pulls the curtain on a fresh trailer that dives into the weapon selection in the forthcoming title SIDE BULLET. Set to hit PlayStation 5 later this year, the free-to-play game is carving out a niche in the Battle Royale scene with its unique side-scrolling gameplay.

SIDE BULLET’s Urban Arena

Taking place in an urban concrete jungle, the title serves up a mix of PvP and PvE elements. Players can select fighters from nine different cartels, such as Psychos, Special Agents, and Prisoners. These cartels come equipped with a Unique Perk, a passive skill to give you an edge in battle. Additionally, the game offers special weapons that sync with active skills, also referred to as Perks.

Weaponry and Gameplay Mechanics

The new trailer showcases a plethora of firearms, from conventional options like AK47s and rocket launchers to specialized gear like EMPs and turrets. Mastering this diverse arsenal is crucial for players looking to stand tall when the smoke clears. The game adds another layer of depth with its grappling hook mechanic, enabling fluid movement and platforming in its side-scrolling environment.

Game Modes and Future Updates

At the time of its launch, SIDE BULLET is set to offer Battle Royale Solo and Battle Royale Trio modes. Additional content is already in the pipeline for future updates to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

In-Game Purchases and Premium Battle Pass

While being a free-to-play offering, SIDE BULLET doesn’t lean into pay-to-win elements. The game instead opts for Item Bundles containing cosmetic upgrades like costumes, weapon skins, and emotes. A Premium Battle Pass will also be available, complementing the existing Free Battle Pass and offering additional rewards to players.

By delivering insights into the title’s weapon systems, PressA has given prospective players ample information to gauge whether SIDE BULLET’s unique take on the Battle Royale genre will be their next go-to game.

Platforms: PlayStation 5

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