Survive the Horde: HumanitZ Hits Steam Early Access

Yo, listen up, G-LYFE Nation! The apocalyptic world just got real. HumanitZ, the newest open-world survival title with RPG twists by Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, has landed on Steam Early Access. And let us tell you, it ain’t your grandma’s zombie game.

Scavenge or Chill: Your Call in the Apocalypse

You’ve got choices, fam. Either you’re hustling hard, scrapping for resources, and popping zeeks to save what’s left of humanity or finding solace in the end times. Wanna farm? Go ahead. Interested in fishing or hunting? It’s all there. Whether you’re avoiding trouble or squaring up with it, HumanitZ offers a variety of gameplay styles for surviving the bleak landscape.

Get Kitted: Survivors and Loadouts

Your survivor is as unique as your game style. Load up on perks, stats, and firearms to take down slow-moving hordes or those tricky, fast ones. Whatever your play style, the game’s customization lets you shape your survivor how you like it.

Navigate the Ruins: Vehicular Mayhem

Journey through what was once civilization. You’re not just hoofing it, you’ve got a range of vehicles to help you through those tangled forests and decayed urban jungles. With ever-changing weather, each mission is as unpredictable as the last.

Build or Borrow: Your Safe Havens

No one survives alone for long. Craft essentials and build up a safe house from scratch, or claim an empty building and call it home. And if you’re not a lone wolf, team up in online multiplayer. Roll with a squad of up to four survivalists, all betting on not getting their “Game Over” screen today.

Keep Your Sights Up: HumanitZ on Steam Early Access

According to Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing at Freedom Games, “HumanitZ aims to reclaim humanity’s title as the apex predator.” Adapt, survive, and watch your six in this unforgiving world teeming with flesh-hungry zeeks. It’s time to shift into survival mode, fam.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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