Tactical Haptics will be showing its progress toward its haptic developer kit for virtual reality (VR) at the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC). The company, whose innovative touch feedback brings a realistic sense of touch to VR, will be exhibiting in booth #101 in the South Expo Hall at GDC.  The company will be exhibiting its haptic game controllers with multiple modular tracking solutions, evaluating them for use with its developer kit. It will also previewing the first two installments of a series of mini-games that highlight the capabilities of its haptic controllers. The company is also opening applications for its developer and partnering program and hopes that the mini-games will inspire VR developers to reimagine what is possible in VR.

Tactical Haptics will demo its wireless haptic controllers with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.  Attendees will experience controllers with reduced weight and bulk as compared from GDC 2106. Those who try out the Vive demos will also be able to try two new tracking options, the new Vive Tracker and a customized SteamVR tracker based on Valve’s SteamVR developer kit. Tactical Haptics is evaluating both tracking options for use with its developer kit and welcomes partnering opportunities to support other PC-based and mobile VR tracking systems.

Attendees will also be treated to a sneak-peak at the company’s first two mini-games.  The first mini-game is a spaceship shooter where the user pilots his/her ship through a worm hole using the motions of their hand – similar to how a child would “fly” a model airplane. Like in real life, players will experience the inertia of the spacecraft in their hand as they maneuver to avoid asteroids and attacking ships. Players will also experience tailored haptic effects when they shoot their blasters, charge up their pulse cannon, grab a power up, or ram an enemy ship.

The company’s second mini-game is Cyber Golf. Attendees will fling, swing, and catapult an energy disc along floating-island fairways and puzzle-like putting greens toward an orb-shaped goal to compete for the best score. Each method of projecting the disk is matched with its expected haptic feel.  The game also includes capabilities that allow the user to adjust their shot mid-flight – what golfer wouldn’t want that ability?

In anticipation of completing the design of its haptic developer kit, Tactical Haptics is accepting applications for its developer program to help gauge interest and demand, and the range of use-cases.  Developers will be asked to share a little information about their company, and intended plans/projects and timeline that would use the company’s haptic controllers.  The company’s haptic developer kit is being designed to interface with multiple tracking systems for use across multiple VR platforms, allowing developers to use the dev kit as a replacement for the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers. Interested developers and partners should check in with Tactical Haptics at booth #101 at GDC or contact Tactical Haptics through its “[email protected]” email address for access to the application site.






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