Fast and furious tactical combat has landed on Steam with the Early Access launch of Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, the follow-up to Camex Games’ multi-million selling strategic turn-based RPG, Heroes Tactics. This time around, it’s all about getting in the most battles in the least amount of time. In Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena there’s always someone ready to challenge and five minutes is all it takes to battle! Players will become a tactical PvP master as they maneuver ogres, wizards, archers, demons, barbarians, and more into fighting positions and volley arrows, unleash powerful magic or smash and slash in furious melee action.

In Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, players battle not only for bragging rights, but for gold, medals and unlockable cards which grant rare items and additional characters. The game features a roster of characters originally met by players in the top-selling Monster Castle game, all of which are designed to be humorous and deadly.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is easy for new players to jump right in, with its easy-to-learn gameplay, streamlined interface and quick battle system, but also invites wargaming veterans into the fray, as the PvP system lets skilled strategists from all over the world to drop in and challenge one another.


Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is now available on Steam and in the Google Play store, and is free to play.

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