Player Omega

Player Omega Pomona November 8th – 9th 2019

Learn all about Player Omega's prototype event directly from the creators Jon Bukosky and Kevin Lyman. Player Omega Launches its prototype event in Pomona California on November 8th - 9th 2019.

Michael O’Neal takes over Player Omega Pomona 2019

Michael O'Neal takes over Player Omega Pomona 2019. Join him as he takes to the Player Omega floor to well... Take over of course!

Interview with Kevin Lyman President of Player Omega

The famous Kevin Lyman breaks down the process of building Player Omega. He details his challenges of coming into the gaming space from the action sports industry.

Interview with Jon Bukosky CEO of Player Omega

Dive in deep with Jon Bukosky as he breaks down what Player Omega really is. Look out for Player Omega in 2020!

Interview with Dave Weidetz of BLNQ at Player Omega

We sit down with Dave Weidetz creative director and co-founder of BLNQ, he breaks down what BLNQ is all about. We also learn more about NEWQ a new lens technology designed to protect gamers' eyes from...

Player Omega Brings Esports, Gaming & Lifestyle Culture Together For a Participation-Based Event in Pomona, Calif. on November 9 + 10

Player Omega launches as a first-of-its-kind live event bringing the gaming community together to actively participate in a wide variety of gaming and lifestyle activities for all ages and experience ...

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