Taptop Title ‘The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms’ Gets Miniature Set

High Elves and Bretons and Nords, Oh Mannimarco! The Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Heroes Miniature Sets from Modiphius Available Now!

Iconic Characters From The Elder Scrolls Online Cinematics join Modiphius’ Tabletop Wargame.

Today Modiphius Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Heroes, a new four-piece miniature set addition for their tabletop wargame — The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Players can now bring The Elder Scrolls Online’s characters from the game’s iconic cinematics into their dice-rolling escapades. Players will soon be able to utilize The High Elf Sorceress, The Breton, The Nord, and, of course, Mannimarco, The King of Worms, in The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms.

“It’s tough articulating how excited we are to have The Elder Scrolls Online cinematic characters join Call to Arms,” said Chris Birch, co-founder at Modiphius Entertainment. “We’re huge fans of The Elder Scrolls universe here at Modiphius, and these miniatures were painstakingly crafted to reflect every minute detail of the beautiful character models seen in cinematics.”

This set of miniatures features:

  • Braided Beards, Pointed Ears: Be it The Breton, Mannimarco, The Nord, or The High Elf Sorceress, players can choose from four fan-favorite characters from The Elder Scrolls Online cinematics
  • Tamriel’s Finest Craftsmanship: These lavish resin miniatures sport the iconic garb and weapons each character is known for!
  • As Legend Foretold: Take these figures into existing Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms campaigns with no extra modifications needed, as they are built with existing rulesets in mind
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