TEPPEN Players Embrace the Arrival of Capcom Heroes

The War of the Goddess continues with Episode 2 “Breath of Resistance” launching in TEPPEN beginning today! Witness the start of a rebellion against the Goddess Myria’s salvation, featuring beloved characters from Breath of Fire, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and more. Characters from Red Earth also make their TEPPEN debut.

Meet the Opposition

Resident Evil 2’s Ada Wong is ready to bring to light her true agenda and stop the Goddess Myria’s twisted “salvation.” Working behind the scenes, Ada gathered heroes to form a resistance, led by Street Fighter’s Karin Kanzuki. Three Sages—Breath of Fire’s Deis, Red Earth’s Tessa, and Monster Hunter Riders’ Shakuna—inform the group about the location of the Land of Illusion to thwart Myria’s plot. But to get to their destination, they must repair the long-lost legendary flagship Death Rogumer from Mega Man X and brave the Desert of Death.

New Ability

In every successful resistance, teamwork makes the dream work. This card pack will introduce a new ability called. This effect activates only when the designated amount of friendly units or more are on the field. If the number of friendly units is reduced, the effect is removed. Protect your allies to fully utilize this power!

New Cards

There are plenty of heroes to recruit for this rebel alliance. The Green card ‘Resistance Leader Karin,’ the Purple card ‘Ancient Sorceress Deis,’ and Red card ‘Proud Soldier Colonel’ is ready to join the fight against Myria’s faithful, like Black card ‘Jhen Mohran.’ Here’s a look at ‘Resistance Leader Karin’:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human
  • MP: 5
  • Attack: 1
  • HP: 9
  • Effects:
    • <Agility> Doubles attack gauge speed.
    • Attacking: Give all friendly units inflicted with Seal +1/+1.
    • <Coordination>: 1
    • Give +1 Attack for each unit inflicted with Seal.
  • <Ascended>: Seal all other units.
    • This card can be played on top of a friendly unit.
    • The overlapped unit is destroyed, and the unit played gains the status.
    • Cannot be placed on units with.

Supplemental Cards for “Breath of Resistance” will be added in February. They are exchangeable cards exclusively available in the Point Match Reward Exchange or Soul Shop, and they cannot be obtained from card packs. Additionally, a new Oichi EX Skin: Sengoku Machine Armor can be found in the Soul Shop in mid-January.

Ongoing New Year events bring a variety of BGMs and skins to the Soul Shop:

  • Seven new BGMs
    • X vs ZERO
    • Devil Trigger
    • Ken’s Theme
    • Silver-winged Star – Valstrax: Rise ver.
    • Spark of Blue – Zinogre
    • Storm Eagle Stage (MMXD New Year Remix)
    • Waka’s Promenade ~ Playing with Waka
  • Four Hero skins
    • Melynx Black (Felyne)
    • Shiba-Inu (Amaterasu)
    • White Dress (Ada Wong)
    • Leopard-Print Armor (Oichi)

2.5 Anniversary Event

Starting today, TEPPEN is celebrating its 2.5-year anniversary with 10 free Jewels, more BGMs, and a special Season Pass sale. Players can now buy Season Passes for only 10 Jewels until March 1st, 022.

  • Five new BGMs
  • Lunatic Ray
  • Zero (from Mega Man X)
  • DEVILS NEVER CRY (Staff Roll)
  • Silver Bullet
  • Splendiferous Silver Sovereign – Velkhana


The “The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni” card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of “Breath of Resistance.” The following card sets are no longer allowed in Standard Mode:

  • The Devils Awaken
  • The Force Seekers
  • Haunted by Memories
  • Adventures of a Tiny Hero
  • The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni
  • The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni
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