Tower of God: New World Levels Up With Fresh Updates and Limited-Time Events

Netmarble, a major name in mobile gaming, just rolled out some juicy updates for their collectible card game RPG, Tower of God: New World. Buckle up, gamers! New teammates, costumes, and special events are here to keep your thumbs busy.

New Squad Members Drop In

If you’re all about building that dream team, check this out. Two new SSR+ teammates are in the game:

  • SSR+ [Data] Khun Edahn: Comes with Yellow Element, Ranged, Spear Bearer traits.
  • SSR+ [Assassin] Khun Kiseia: Sports Purple Element, Assassin, Scout attributes.

Level Up Your Style with New Costumes

Fashionistas in the Tower, listen up! Five spanking new costumes are here for you to mix and match:

  • [Data] Khun Edahn ‘Ruler of the Family’
  • [Lightning] Khun Mascheny ‘Exalted Butterfly’s Dream’
  • [Gamer] Khun Hatzling ‘Dignified Wanderer’
  • [Strategist] Khun Aguero ‘Steadfast Promise’
  • [Assassin] Khun Kiseia ‘Swaying Lantern’

Guardian’s Test: More Than Just Another Challenge

Based on the webcomic’s OG concept of training before taking on the Revolution Road, the Guardian’s Test lets you challenge daily stages. The rewards you bag here are entirely separate from the main Adventure mode.

Daily Free Summon: Roll the Dice

Not to be missed is the Daily Free Summon feature. You’ll get five chances every day to summon a new teammate. If you hit the 200-summon milestone, you’ll snag 1 of the 5 teammates you pre-selected through the SSR+ Rate Up List.

Limited-Time Events to Keep You Grinding

Mark your calendars; these events run only until October 4:

  • Story Event [The Khun Family Fall Festival]: Jump into original story campaign events in both [Story] and [Free] stages.
  • Fall Festival Event Mission: Complete missions to grab Normal Summon Tickets (x40), SSR Soulstones (x60), and more.
  • Fall Festival Event Exchange Shop: Trade event items for the SSR Khun Hatzling and fresh costumes for Khun Kiseia.
  • Fall Festival Check-In Event: Just show up daily during the event period for perks like Normal Summon Tickets (x30) and Suspendium (x3,000).

Step into an Anime World in 3D

For those who’ve been sleeping on it, Tower of God: New World isn’t your average card game RPG. You get to control more than 70 characters, including Twenty-Fifth Bam, as they ascend the Tower in 3D animated glory. The game’s unique Slot System amps up specific “slots,” so you’re not just stuck powering up individual characters.

That’s the intel, gamers. Time to dive back in and explore the new heights of Tower of God: New World.

Flame Ignites Tower of God: New World with Explosive Updates

Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

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