Vikings and Valkyries: Raiders of the Serpent Sea Brings Norse Legends to Life

Epic Norse Adventure Awaits in New 5e Campaign Book

Grimnir Awaits: The World of Raiders of the Serpent Sea

Welcome to the doomed world of Grimnir, where monstrous creatures roam and the shadow of Ragnarök looms. Raiders of the Serpent Sea, crafted by the mastermind behind Dragon Age: Origins, brings a Norse saga to the tables of 5e fans. This epic campaign, now available in print from the Modiphius store, invites players to embark on a Viking-style adventure.

Viking Ventures: Dive into the Depths of Norse Mythology

Set sail with Raiders of the Serpent Sea, the spiritual successor to the Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign. As Viking raiders, players must defend their homeland from otherworldly threats. This adventure spans 12 chapters and elevates players from humble deckhands to legendary heroes of Grimnir. Along the way, new backgrounds, races, and class archetypes infuse your characters with true Norse spirit.

Monsters and Myths: A World Teeming with Nordic Beasts

Beyond character development, Raiders of the Serpent Sea adds over 100 new stat blocks for NPCs and monsters. Whether battling frost giants or outsmarting cunning dwarfs, every encounter is a step closer to preventing the prophesized return of the dreaded Yoten.

Lore and Legacy: A Rich Tapestry of Viking History

The story of Grimnir is one of survival and resilience. After fleeing their ravaged homeland, the descendants of the original survivors, known as the Raiders, have rebuilt but remain haunted by the past. Now, as seers predict the Yoten’s imminent return, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Tools for the Trade: Enhance Your Gaming Experience

For those looking to elevate their gameplay, “Raiders of the Serpent Sea” offers a wealth of resources. The Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide are packed with lore and stunning illustrations. Additionally, GMs can level up their sessions with a custom GM screen, immersive maps, and Game Master cards, all designed to transport players straight into the heart of Norse mythology.

Embark on a journey where legends are born and heroes are made. Raiders of the Serpent Sea is not just a campaign, it’s a passage into a world where Norse myths come alive. Grab your copy today and let the sagas unfold!

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