To Celebrate 5 Years PUBG MOBILE Offers a Look back at Insights and Achievements

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is marking its 5th anniversary this month. Launched back in March 2018, PUBG MOBILE has since established a global community with over 1 billion downloads worldwide. To celebrate, PUBG MOBILE is revealing some of its community’s incredible achievements over the last five years.

Iconic as it is, it’s no surprise that Erangel is PUBG MOBILE’s most-played map, with 108.5 billion total player visits – 14 times the population of the planet! The M416 has proved to be players’ favorite weapon with 311 trillion uses and achieving 118.6 billion eliminations, whereas the top prop is the Green Parachute Trail, which has been used 780 million times while skydiving.

In terms of vehicles, PUBG MOBILE players prefer the Buggy most, having been driven 18.3 billion times, but seem to like the Motorcycle better for longer distances. Racking up a combined 3.42 trillion kilometers, players have together circled the earth an astounding 85.72 million times on these two wheels.

Player survival instincts are just as impressive, as over the last five years the always popular PUBG MOBILE Pan has contributed 1.24 billion eliminations out of a total number of 538.5 billion player eliminations. You can have a look at these stats and more in the video and get playing to be one of the 10 billion so far to win a Chicken Dinner!

In half a decade, PUBG MOBILE has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest cultural icons, from one of the biggest acts in K-pop to a world-renowned footballer, and from superheroes to giants in the automotive industry, with far more to be announced. In its collaborations, PUBG MOBILE has striven to make the game exciting for everyone, with some partnerships bringing limited-time new vehicles, and other whole virtual concerts for players to enjoy.

As part of the 5th Anniversary celebrations, PUBG MOBILE has just released the Version 2.5 Update featuring the reveal of World of Wonder, a new creative mode currently in Beta, which will allow players to create their own maps and modes. The Version 2.5 Update also includes Imagiversary, a multi-map birthday makeover featuring two new Imagination Plazas and Districts to grab rewards, and colorful new items to add to the party.

PUBG MOBILE is now looking to the future with the continued rollout of its new World of Wonder mode, and new exciting partnerships to keep players entertained on the battlegrounds including an upcoming partnership with the iconic anime series DRAGON BALL later this year among many others. Stay tuned for more updates!

Platforms: iOS, Andriod

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