Tolkien-inspired Brawler ‘Midjungard’ Coming to Steam December 21

Plus Infinity Studios is excited to announce that multiplayer PvP brawler Midjungard will be launching on Steam on December 21. Set in an ancient Tolkien-inspired world predating Viking history, Midjundgard players face off in brutal 3v3 hack n’ slash matches.

In Midjungard 6 players are dropped into a beautiful and savage land full of strange creatures, myth, and magic. Each team of three players will go head to head in 15-minute matches hoping to earn the most points by eliminating enemy players. Being felled is not the end though, as players will be able to respawn and attempt to exact their revenge on the enemy player that bested them.

Midjungard features three playable classes for players to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Sverdur the Paladin is clad in sturdy plate and armed with a sword and shield, making him exceptional at defense. Armed with a bow, and deadly accurate in ranged combat is Jaegra the Huntress. Lastly, Smidur the man-beast capable of delivering a fatal blow with his long axe in one swipe.

Teams looking for advantages can collect potions, weapons, level-ups, and seek to capture the formidable weapon the UrHamar mounted on the central pedestal, the Altari. Succeeding in capturing the UrHamar or obtaining powerful potions will give players access to special abilities and even superhuman strength. Players will need to plan carefully when seeking out powerful advantages, however, as any death will result in a loss of all loot they have earned thus far.

The intense 3v3 battles of Midjungard will be launching on Steam on December 21 for $14.99. Players can look forward to PvE battles added shortly after release as a free DLC.

A list of features include:

  • Battle for survival in 3v3 matches set in a primal Tolkien-inspired pre-Viking world.
  • Choose from three distinct classes to suit your playstyle.
  • Capture the UrHamar to morph into the fourth avatar, the Berserker, for the ultimate advantage of superhuman strength.
  • Collect powerful potions, weapons, and level-ups by scouring the map.
  • Defeat enemy players to earn points and win the match.
  • Fight with strategy as loot is lost with every death.
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