Touhou Luna Nights arrives on Nintendo Switch on December 17th!

Touhou Luna Nights, the time-stopping, Touhou Project-themed Metroidvania from Phoenixx and developer Team Ladybug, arrives on Nintendo Switch on December 17th. Previously only available on Steam, Touhou and Metroidvania fans alike can now take the surprise hit on the go.

Touhou Luna Nights is a 2D exploration and action game that has already received “overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam,” and sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide. Touhou Luna Nights retains the beautifully crafted pixel art, animation, and compelling gameplay that made the Steam version so popular, allowing players to explore the labyrinth of the Luna Nights anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch. This version of the game also includes the “Battle of Chirno” boss, which was not included in the Steam version of the game.

In Touhou Luna Nights you play as Sakuya Izayoi, a denizen of the Touhou world of Gensokyo and maid to the wily vampire Remilia Scarlet. A pawn in Remilia’s unknown plans, Sakuya suddenly finds herself fighting for her life in a parallel universe where she is has the power to manipulate time.

Key Features

  • Manipulate time in order to solve puzzles, dodge barrages of bullets, or attack enemies in a variety of ways
  • Adapt the “graze” system of the Touhou Project into a 2D game, giving you a sense of tension as getting closer to enemies boosts Sakuya’s magic and health.
  • The world of Touhou is brought to life through detailed pixel art and meticulous animation.
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