Truck Driver: Heading North DLC Confirmed for June Release on PS4™ and Xbox One

SOEDESCO’s popular title, “Truck Driver,” is set to receive an exciting expansion in the form of the “Truck Driver: Heading North” DLC. With its release date confirmed for June 8th, the DLC will bring fresh content to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. This article provides an overview of what fans can expect from the upcoming expansion.

Truck Driver: Heading North DLC Details

The eagerly awaited “Truck Driver: Heading North” DLC will introduce a plethora of new features and opportunities for players to explore. To enjoy this expansion, players will need to own the base game, as the DLC is an extension of the existing Truck Driver experience.

One of the major highlights of the DLC is the addition of a brand-new map that beautifully depicts the Nordic-inspired country of Mangefjell. Players will have the opportunity to traverse picturesque landscapes, adorned with lush greenery and captivating scenery. This fresh environment will serve as the backdrop for over 30 new jobs, offering a diverse range of challenges and tasks.

Moreover, the DLC introduces players to new characters, namely Ólaff, Lars, and Katerina. These individuals will play an integral role in the expansion’s storyline, providing engaging interactions as players complete their assignments. Truck drivers will embark on an adventure across Mangefjell, forging new connections and furthering their trucking careers.

In addition to the exciting new locations and characters, “Truck Driver: Heading North” encourages exploration by introducing a hidden place that cannot be found on the map. Players can embark on a thrilling quest to discover this secret location, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their journey through Mangefjell.

Lastly, the DLC presents an opportunity for achievement hunters to earn new recognition, with the introduction of eight additional achievements/trophies. These accolades will challenge players to test their skills and fully immerse themselves in the Truck Driver experience.

“Truck Driver: Heading North” DLC promises to enhance the trucking adventures for players of the base game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With its release scheduled for June 8th, this expansion offers an immersive journey through the enchanting landscapes of Mangefjell. By engaging with new characters, completing various jobs, and unraveling hidden secrets, players can extend their Truck Driver experience and enjoy the thrill of trucking in this Nordic-inspired world. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to embark on a memorable trucking adventure with the “Truck Driver: Heading North” DLC.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

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