TWLOHA and CEA Roll Out Project Cozy: Gaming’s Fresh Quest for Mental Health

In a power move for World Mental Health Day, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) and the Corporate eSports Association (CEA) are teaming up to drop Project Cozy. The mission is straight-up lit: bring awareness, rake in vital funds, and spread the good vibes of hope across the gaming universe.

Leveling Up Mental Health and Community Vibes

Project Cozy isn’t just another event; it’s rallying casual gamers and esports pros for a common endgame: make the gaming realm a haven for mental health support and comradery. Yeah, you read that right. We’re talking about taking gaming from just frags and leaderboards to a legit platform for understanding and supporting mental health.

What’s the Quest, Gamers?

Hold on to your controllers, because this challenge involves showing off your “cozy place.” Snap a pic or clip of your own sanctuary—be it your handcrafted Minecraft domain, your chill Stardew Valley locale, or that kickin’ Valheim pad. And hey, if your IRL gaming setup is your peace zone, let’s see it! Submit your entries by October 23, and you could snag a prize bundle from TWLOHA and even get your moment of fame in the “Mental Health isn’t Scary” broadcast on Halloween.

Mission Brief: Boost the Dialogue

Project Cozy is all about cranking up the volume on mental health chatter among gamers. But check it, this isn’t some one-off gig. Your participation levels up the entire mission to help peeps grappling with mental health issues. So, it ain’t just about gaming; it’s about game-changing contributions.

Learning Loot Drops

As part of Project Cozy’s rollout, TWLOHA and CEA are unlocking some serious knowledge in the form of continuing education sessions. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Twitch streams. We’re talking Discord convos and social media deep dives on topics like stress control, suicide prevention, and all-around mental health awareness.

Your Quest Log

Spread the word, squad. Share Project Cozy with your crew, hustle for a dope cause, and foster some real-deal virtual connections while you’re at it.

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