Gaming Non-Profits Unite for Stronger Together In Games Mega Campaign

Six Leading Gaming Non-Profits Join Forces to Tackle Industry Challenges

Gaming For Good: The New Collaboration

The gaming world is witnessing a unique alliance with the formation of the Stronger Together In Games campaign. Spearheaded by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the IGDA Foundation, this coalition brings together Women in Games International, Global Game Jam, Take This, and Game to Grow. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards addressing the pressing needs of game industry workers and enthusiasts.

A Rallying Call for Support

Set to run from November 28th through the end of 2023, Stronger Together In Games has set an ambitious target: to raise $100,000. These funds are earmarked for initiatives that support game industry professionals and players, especially crucial in a year marred by extensive layoffs and a prevalent mental health crisis.

Unity in Diversity and Inclusion

The combined efforts of these six organizations focus on fostering a more diverse and inclusive gaming industry. By nurturing environments conducive to professional growth and skill development, they aim to make a tangible difference. This collaboration is also pivotal in addressing the mental well-being of those who create and enjoy games.

Crowdfunding and Corporate Backing: A Dual Approach

The campaign is not just about crowdfunding; it also seeks an additional $50,000 through corporate matching funds. Notable pledges have already been received from heavyweights like Amazon Games, Google for Games, SEGA of America, and others. A significant highlight of the campaign will be a 24-hour charity stream on December 8th, designed to boost fundraising efforts.

A Word from the Leaders

Dr. Jakin Vela, Executive Director of IGDA, underscores the critical nature of this campaign. “The past year has been tough for the games industry. The skyrocketing demand for our programs and services is a call to action. The funds raised will be pivotal in our ongoing efforts to diversify the industry and provide resources, networking opportunities, mentorship, and impactful programming,” he states.

As the ‘Stronger Together In Games’ campaign gears up, it’s a call to the gaming community to join forces in supporting a cause that promises to shape the future of the industry.

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