Warframe’s Epic Update Whispers in the Walls Hits All Platforms December 13

Game Awards Reveal: Cinematic Quest Teases Spine-Chilling Adventures and Industry Icons Joining the Fray

Warframe Goes Big at The Game Awards

In a blockbuster move at The Game Awards, Digital Extremes dropped the bomb with the premiere of Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls release date trailer. Get ready, Tenno! The Cinematic Quest is hitting all gaming platforms on Wednesday, Dec. 13, armed with a bunch of killer features, including the long-awaited Cross Platform Save rolling out in stages.

Star-Studded Squad Up

The hype just got real with Neil Newbon of Baldur’s Gate 3 fame and Ben Starr from Final Fantasy XVI gearing up to join Warframe’s universe in this latest chapter. Starr’s not just stopping there; he’s set for a comeback in the much-anticipated Warframe 1999.

A New Narrative Era

This trailer isn’t just eye-candy—it’s a game-changer for Warframe’s story game. We’re talking a fresh narrative arc loaded with new faces, deep dark mysteries, and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat for ages. Strap in for revelations, but don’t get too comfy—the mystery deepens.

A Moment to Remember

Rebecca Ford, Creative Director for Warframe, couldn’t hide her excitement. “Being part of The Game Awards in LA, surrounded by our peers, and feeling the love from our global player base – it’s a dream moment to wrap up the year,” she shared.

A Tribute to the Community

Ford added, “Standing here among industry giants, we owe it all to our community’s rock-solid support over a decade. Our heartfelt thanks to you, Tenno. We’re psyched to launch this new Warframe chapter with you on December 13!”

Enter the Shadows

Prepare to face Warframe’s most mysterious baddie, The Man in the Wall. Dive deep into Albrecht Entrati’s hidden lab, witness his showdown against this elusive foe, and brace yourself for The Murmur, a new enemy faction born from The Man in the Wall’s dark machinations.

Unlock the Power of the Grimoire

Gear up with Entrati’s cursed Grimoire tome, a new weapon type, to unravel the master plan. It’s packed with Void powers and secrets waiting to be unleashed. Tenno, your timing is crucial.

Cross Platform Save and More!

The most requested feature, Cross Platform Save, is finally en route to Warframe’s 75+ million players, expected to be fully accessible by year’s end. Whispers in the Walls also brings a secret ally Syndicate, the 55th Warframe Qorvex, and a follow-up Clan Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry. Don’t miss out!

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