Under Cover: The VR Evolution of Lightgun Action

Meta Quest's Newest Addition Takes Aim with Co-op Campaign and Roguelike Thrills

Lightgun Legacy Reloaded

The gaming world just got a major adrenaline shot! Thunderful and Coatsink are bringing back the golden era of lightgun games with their latest VR creation, Under Cover. Dropping on the Meta Quest February 15th, this bad boy is more than a nostalgic trip. It’s a VR revolution, inspired by the legendary Time Crisis. Under Cover isn’t just playing tribute; it’s rewriting the rules with full VR immersion. Get ready to dodge, aim, and fire like never before.

Co-op Campaign: Buddy-Cop Style

Forget playing alone. Under Cover invites you to team up for a buddy-cop adventure that’s 5-6 hours of pure, unadulterated fun. Go solo or join forces with a friend online—or even an AI sidekick. You’re not just shooting; you’re scoring points for style, speed, and those sweet chained kills. The goal? Take down the nefarious Infidyne and their brain-chip shenanigans.

Revolutionary Active Cover System

Ever ducked IRL to reload in a game? Under Cover says, “Welcome to the future.” This groundbreaking Active Cover System is a first in the VR world. Duck, cover, and come up blasting. It’s not just a game; it’s a full-body workout.

Choose Your Fighter

Meet Red-Eye and Magnum. These agents are too cool for just any cover. They’re your avatars in this battle against evil, each with their own style and humor. They’re not just characters; they’re your ticket to infiltrating and taking down Infidyne.

More than a Game: A VR Benchmark

With Under Cover, Thunderful and Coatsink aren’t just launching a game. They’re setting a new standard for VR shooters. It’s a blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge tech, a game that’s as much about having a blast as it is about high scores and leaderboard domination.

Under Cover isn’t just another VR game. It’s a love letter to lightgun classics, a co-op thrill ride, and a VR revolution all rolled into one. Gear up, gamers. February 15th can’t come soon enough!

Platforms: Meta Quest 3

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