Meowscarada & Metagross Shake Up Pokémon UNITE This December

Aeos Island Welcomes New Challengers and Festive Events Galore

Magical Meowscarada Debuts on Aeos Island

It’s Showtime, Trainers! The charismatic Meowscarada is all set to dazzle on Aeos Island, marking its debut as the first Paldea region Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE. Brace yourselves for its signature Ability, Overgrow, enabling this Speedster to temporarily vanish and then unleash increased speed and damage, all while healing by attacking opponents. Ready to team up with Meowscarada? Grab its Unite license via the Meowscarada’s Flower Petal Challenge from December 7, 2023!

Shivre City’s Snowball Battle Makes a Comeback

Frosty Fights Await! The chill of excitement returns to Shivre City from December 7. Get ready for unique battles where fallen Pokémon turn into snowmen, and hunt Delibird for special one-time battle items. It’s a festive spin on strategy, keeping opponents guessing and the holiday spirit thriving.

Holiday Cheer with the Prize Machine Event

Gifts Galore! Log in between December 7, 2023, and January 8, 2024, to grab 10 free Holiday Balls daily, totaling up to 100. These Holiday Balls are your ticket to a treasure trove of gifts, including exclusive Holowear, from the Prize Machine. Remember, it’s a daily deal – use them or lose them!

Metagross Joins the Battle Later This Month

Heavyweight Champion Incoming! The formidable Metagross is gearing up to enter the fray on December 26, 2023. Get ready to witness a new force in Pokémon UNITE, shaking up strategies and team dynamics.

Keep the Festivities Rolling! Pokémon UNITE is all set to end the year with a bang. Stay tuned to G-LYFE for more updates and get ready to dive into the action-packed holiday season on Aeos Island! ????????

Mewtwo Enters Pokémon UNITE for 2nd Anniversary – New Updates and Battle Type

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

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