UNDYING Drops on October 17: A Mother-Son Duo’s Final Stand Against Zombies

Skystone Games and Vanimals are ready to drop the mic with the full release of UNDYING set for October 17. Popping up on Steam and Epic Game Store initially, the game is also on track for a Nintendo Switch release in early 2024. So, what’s the 411? The game focuses on Anling and her son Cody, as they grind through the zombie apocalypse.

Story Mode: Family is Your Best Weapon

The story mode pulls no punches. Anling and Cody aren’t just surviving; they’re living a narrative that can only be described as a family drama with zombies. Whether it’s scavenging for loot or going head-to-head with zombie mobs, these two have got each other’s back.

Gameplay Mechanics: It’s Not Just Run and Gun

  • Zombie Hordes: Think you’re a zombie slaying pro? Test your mettle against waves of undead.
  • Toxic Fog: Plan your moves carefully as toxic fog can catch you off guard.
  • Bitter Cold Rain: Don’t underestimate the weather. Cold rains are another level of enemy.

Stealth and Combat: Choose Your Playstyle

  • Stealth Combat: Want to keep it low-key? Use the shadows to your advantage.
  • Dagger Self-defense: When things get too close for comfort, a dagger will do the trick.
  • Weapon Enhancement: Mod your weapons to adapt and survive.

The Boy’s Battle: Cody’s Not a Sidekick

Cody’s got an extensive skill tree. Level him up and pick abilities to suit your game style. He’s not just NPC baggage; he’s a full-on partner in combat.

Health and Choices: Life’s Not Easy in the Apocalypse

  • Choosing Anling’s Temporary Ailments and Fate: Making the right or wrong choices could influence your gameplay and story.
  • Caring for Ailing Cody: Strengthen emotional ties while balancing vulnerability.

Extra Features: More Than Just a Survival Game

  • Mini-games: Take a break with card games like “Face Up Face Down” or explore Cody’s imaginative spaces.
  • Character Customization: Add some swag to your characters with various costumes.

Explore and Replay: Because One Run Isn’t Enough

With a world map, mini-dungeons, and special events, the game aims for replayability that goes beyond just the main storyline.

Mark the date, gamers. October 17 is when UNDYING rolls out, offering an immersive experience in both survival mechanics and emotional storytelling. It’s not just about staying alive; it’s about how far a mother will go to ensure her son lives to see another day. Will you rise to the challenge?

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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