Valentine’s Day Treats from Trion Worlds

Cupid shoots his arrow into five Trion Worlds games this Valentine’s Day, bringing special limited-time events, bonuses, themed quests and discounts to players.

TROVE - Valentines Day Love Bug Mount

  • Trove – The hit voxel MMO that just celebrated 15 million players worldwide greets players with rewards and bonuses in the Hellbugs In Love in-game event from February 13 to February 26, including:

    • Daily Rewards: all daily bonuses are active

    • New Blocky Bonus mount (Laevantis WV-4 Hoverboard)

    • New 10-step quest rewards for the Snug Lovebug Rug

    • 70% off of Arcanium Expedition, Double Dragon, Mega Menagerie Packs

RIFT - Lovely Cappie Mount

  • RIFT – From February 12 to February 18, lovesick residents of Telara can treat themselves to the following content, discounts and bonuses:

    • The heart-stealing, fast and incredibly cute Lovely Cappies have arrived to cause mischief in Telara and can be found hiding in a new shipment of Supply Crates

    • Celebration bonuses: 50% off XP/AAXP/Guild XP/Prestige/FAvor

    • Valentine’s Day-themed mounts from previous celebrations can now be purchased directly

    • A discount of 50% off the Ascended Essentials Pack

ArcheAge - Greeniette

  • ArcheAge – Fans can embrace new quests and discounts in the Finding True Love event from February 14 – 27, which will feature:

    • A discount of 50% off the Erenor Eternal Pack

    • Addition of a new quest to find the true Prince Yateo earn Lunarite, Honor and Gilda stars. Winnings can be collected when the answer is revealed between March 7 – 14

    • Valentine’s Day-themed titles, weapon skins and camping gear

    • Daily Greenman Candy

Defiance - Colony Courtship

  • Defiance – Love is in the air this month with the annual Colony Courtship event, where players can grab their partner, battle Hellbugs and earn the following bonuses:

    • 100% XP boost

    • 100% Rep boost

    • 100% Score boost

    • 7 days of Patron status, available upon logging in once during the event

  • Atlas Reactor – As Season 5 kicks off, fans can fall into the seasonal Mad Love Event from now through February 20, which will feature:

    • New loot matrices that can be earned through Daily Missions or purchased directly

    • Mad Love-themed skins and emblems available for a limited time

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