VALORANT Unveils Sunset: A Tribute to Los Angeles in Episode 7 Act II

Riot Games announces a new VALORANT map, Sunset, during the VCT Champs Finals broadcast. The map takes heavy inspiration from Los Angeles, featuring art deco, mission-style architecture, food trucks, and even the city’s notorious traffic. The map is set to be a part of the game with the launch of Episode 7 Act II.

Cultural Tones and Competitive Edge

Sunset is designed as a mid-control map, urging players to take command of the central lanes for a winning strategy. Lighting on this new battleground plays a significant role, capturing the quintessential LA sunset mood without affecting gameplay. It’s a 3-lane, 2-site map, ensuring a balanced but challenging environment.

Premier System Upgrade Alongside Sunset

In addition to the new map, VALORANT also unveils upgrades to its team-based competitive system, Premier. With the launch of Episode 7 Act II, Premier will introduce official divisions and comprehensive weekly matches covering all seven maps in the competitive pool. Players can expect their career stats and results to be officially documented from this point forward.

Connection with VCT and Future Plans

Premier is also set to evolve with a planned integration into the VCT (VALORANT Champions Tour). Gamers should anticipate the first changes for this pro path to surface in early 2024. For further details or to catch up on Premier, visit

Rise of the Dragon Kings: A New Skin Line

VALORANT also takes this opportunity to showcase the RISE OF THE DRAGON KINGS skin line. Players can get their hands on new skins for weapons like Sheriff, Operator, Vandal, and Judge. In addition, a new Melee skin completes this ancient dragon-inspired collection.

Gear Up for the Global Launch

Premier is officially live worldwide, inviting players to engage in a more structured and competitive gaming experience. Whether it’s mastering the streets of Sunset or diving into the updated Premier system, Episode 7 Act II promises exciting changes for the VALORANT community.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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