Vestiges: Fallen Tribes Drops a Bombshell Trailer – WanadevStudio’s Latest PC and VR Game

Strategic Card Game Meets Autobattler in a Sci-Fi Tribal Universe

WanadevStudio Unveils a New Gaming Experience

Developing the Future of PC and VR Gaming
In a bold move, WanadevStudio has lifted the curtain on its latest gaming venture, “Vestiges: Fallen Tribes”. This French independent studio is not just dabbling in the usual gaming fare, but mixing up a storm with an announcement trailer that’s already creating ripples in the gaming community.

A New Twist on Strategy and Battle

Card Game Meets Autobattler – A Fresh Blend
Forget what you know about card games and autobattlers because “Vestiges: Fallen Tribes” is flipping the script. Set in a tribal sci-fi universe, where water is more precious than gold, this game is about survival and strategy. It’s about leading your tribe to victory and wrestling control of that life-sustaining H2O.

Tactical Gameplay at its Core

Strategic Battles for the Resourceful Mind
Get ready to sharpen those tactical skills. In “Vestiges: Fallen Tribes”, it’s not just about having a strong deck of cards. Victory lies in making smart moves, strategically placing your soldiers, and outsmarting your opponents in a battle for survival and supremacy.

Anticipating the Demo Drop

Steam Announcement and Early Demo in the Pipeline
Hold onto your gaming seats, folks! “Vestiges: Fallen Tribes” is set to make its grand debut on Steam very soon. And for those itching to get a taste of this strategic battleground, WanadevStudio has something special lined up – a demo scheduled for early 2024. Stay tuned, as this is one gaming adventure you won’t want to miss!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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