Video Games: Are there any Self-Exclusion Services?

Self-exclusion programs and services are available in abundance all over the internet, which assists both the regular punter struggling with the gambling addiction and novices who don’t want to develop any such urges. 

The best performing of them is the UK-based GamStop, which has proved its significance in helping punters with their gambling addiction since April of 2018. Just some gambling portals found ways to bypass GamStop limits which shows that it’s really hard to gamble when on this scheme. It is regarded as the most responsible and popular self-exclusion scheme which has dominated the field of self-exclusion in the British market. It provides complete blockage of the websites and emails that might urge the players to put their money at risk and also provide the registered user with a voluntary exclusion from the great bonuses and deposit bonuses the gaming platforms offer to get new players to sign up for their scheme. 

Self-Exclusion Schemes For Video Games

With the rise of the digital era and a peak in online gambling during a most recent pandemic, many gamblers tried to control their gambling urges in online casinos. They started developing an overwhelming gamble lust, which led to setting many records in the registration numbers of GamStop. The national self-exclusion program witnessed a 25 percent peak in new registration within 2021 and an all-time high registering on the 22nd of February alone, which enumerated 326 new registered punters alone. With these, GamStop has now had over two hundred thousand registered users and has restricted over fifty thousand punters trying to fall again into the pitfall of gambling, which marks its efficiency in the propagation of the whole idea of self-exclusion by helping punters control their betting urges over their own chosen period. 

Needless to mention that video games do not have any alternatives and serve an indispensable part in the online gambling department. They keep the regular punters indulged and interested by regular updates and improvement of graphics or methods. The 3D online casinos’ slots also exist, which keep the adventure of real gambling alive and add the luring features of video games that form an entertaining experience for the punter. Hence, The punters who play such games are mostly just the registered GamStop users whose access to the online casinos has been restricted by the scheme itself.

Apps For Imposing Parental Control Features

Aside from GamStop, there are a few other self-exclusion methods, such as the video slots that are not available under GamStop. They have proven to be on par with the efficiency levels of the national scheme as Any player can discover webpages and digital platforms specifically supplying video spots and no casino games. 

Numerous websites are available on the readily available com webpage. Although, they are only prescribed if the punter has a grasp over his betting urges. The most famous software providers amongst the UK players are the NetEnt and Vivo gaming which provide entertaining gameplay for the punter. Though Video slots are an effective way to get away from the attractive casino games, real money is still at stake in these too.

They were using parental control services via your device and restricting the child from accessing such eSports games, especially with loot boxes. Explicitly speaking, iOS devices have a much more comprehensive range of limit setters which serve as great parental control by limiting screen time and multiplayer gaming time limits could be set on the device but while on Android, it is preferable to install a third-party application software for the parental control as the Android devices have close to no such services included the built-in features they provide. 

Apps available on the Play Store such as the Qustodio, Kaspersky, and Safe kids are trustworthy for parental control services on the Android device. Digital platforms such as Discord, a popular communication asset used by gamers and children, provide a platform to chat and conference during an online multiplayer video game. They serve as a good way of regulating your child’s feed by limiting the messaging options and restricting inappropriate content from appearing in front of them by the parental control features.


Concerning everything that has been stated so far, the online gambling industry has now peaked during the quarantine with an estimated net worth of about $160 billion, and the growth rate stands at 9.3 percent since 2019. Some experts suggest that by 2025 this industry with the rise to the worth of over 270 billion dollars. 

Besides, Online gaming is indeed a great hobby to have as a punter looking to change habits and lifestyle. Software such as GamStop might not seem to work for a few people initially, but as continuous effort gets compounded over time, the results will present themselves. With all its earned worth, GamStop has now partnered with the API integration, which helps the punter access resources for fruitful recovery and continues to help gamblers lead a better life with better habits.


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