Vivox powers Cross-Platform Voice Communications for Phoenix’s Labs’ Dauntless

Vivox, the provider of the leading cross-platform voice and text communication for games, and a subsidiary of Unity Technologies, is proud to expand their list of partners with Phoenix Labs, bringing cross-platform voice chat capabilities to the hit online co-op action RPG “Dauntless.” Phoenix Labs’ flagship title, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store, with Nintendo Switch and mobile versions to come at a later date, has quickly grown to become one of the most popular games of the year. In just a few weeks it has amassed over seven million players, with crossplay bringing players together on millions of hunts.

“Dauntless is a live product. Players everywhere on any platform should be able to experience being a Slayer with their friends. With the power of Vivox voice comms at our disposal, we’re able to make sure that players spend more time focused on hunting Behemoths, and can effectively coordinate their attacks when the action is too intense for them to type,” said Jesse Houston, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Labs. “Thanks to Vivox we were able to focus our time and resources on building the game we envisioned while letting Vivox take care of our comms. We decided to use Vivox because of their scalability and proven tech, and we are extremely happy with the results.

Dauntless” is an online action-RPG that focuses on its heroes (or Slayers) hunting massive monsters known as Behemoths to keep its people safe among the Shattered Isles. With fast action at its core, “Dauntless” is the type of game that greatly benefits from Vivox voice chat as players need a reliable way to communicate with each other to be able to strategize and ensure victory. Furthermore, crossplay is at the heart of “Dauntless” player experience, and by using Vivox’s technology, players can stay connected through a unified voice chat system that works seamlessly across all platforms. With Vivox, Dauntless gives its players reliable and crystal-clear voice communications, which are used in the industry’s most-played games, connecting over 150 million players across the globe.

“We believe in Phoenix Labs’ quest to make a truly cross-platform online RPG. Players want to play with each other, regardless of their platform and at Vivox we strongly believe and support that,” said Dave Verratti, president of Vivox. “We’re proud to manage their comms and help them keep growing the game while giving a great service to their players. Dauntless has quickly scaled to being one of the biggest games of the year and we will help them keep up with the amazing pace.”

With Dauntless, Vivox further expands their impressive list of partners including Ubisoft, Riot Games, Epic Games, Bluehole and Bethesda amongst others. Vivox technology is available for developers of any size through their Developer Portal and can be implemented on all engines and platforms.

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