Whispers in the Walls: Warframe’s Game-Changing December Update

Get Set for a Cinematic Quest Like No Other at The Game Awards

Digital Extremes Drops Gameplay and Story Bombshells

Warframe players, get ready to be hyped! Digital Extremes just spilled the beans on their massive Cinematic Quest update, “Whispers in the Walls,” during their epic 175th Devstream. This isn’t just another update; it’s a universe-expanding, mind-blowing addition set to drop this December. Expect new enemy factions, a wicked Grimoire book weapon class, a fresh player hub, and the 55th Warframe. The list goes on!

Rebecca Ford Dives Deep into Warframe’s Heart and Soul

Creative Director Rebecca Ford is bringing her A-game with “Whispers in the Walls.” She’s all about the storytelling, and this update is no exception. It’s not just a new chapter; it’s a whole new narrative arc launching Warframe into its next decade of space adventures. Ford promises an evocative journey that answers long-standing questions and ignites the Origin System’s future.

Unlock the Secrets of Albrecht Entrati and More

Players will delve into the mysterious lab of Albrecht Entrati, piecing together the lore that has tantalized them for years. Face off against “the Man in the Wall” and new enemies known as the Murmur, a nightmare blend of limbs and brutalist geometry. This isn’t just lore; it’s a full-blown exploration into Warframe’s foundational mysteries.

Grimoire: The New Weapon Class Unleashed

Get ready to blast your enemies with eldritch power using the Grimoire, a secondary weapon like no other. With every page turn, you’ll learn more about Entrati’s plans and unleash chaos with new mission types, including Alchemy, Netracells, and a revamped Assassination mission.

Discover The Sanctum and Unveil New Allies

“The Sanctum” is your new hub, a place to meet characters like Loid, frozen in cryosleep for ages. Immerse yourself in the Entrati Labs’ intricate environmental tilesets and explore a surreal world beyond our own. New zones mean new mysteries and a secret Syndicate to uncover.

Revolutionize Melee Combat with Tennokai

After conquering “Whispers in the Walls,” unlock Tennokai, transforming your Melee Heavy Attacks. Say goodbye to Combo Counter consumption and hello to free, random Heavy Attacks that keep your style flowing and your combos climbing.

Catch the Teaser and Tune in to The Game Awards

Devstream 175 gave us a sneak peek, but the real deal is at The Game Awards. Catch exclusive reveals, a special Sevogath Warframe Twitch Drop, and more on December 7. Warframe is about to shake things up, and you won’t want to miss it!

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S

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