Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular With Players?

While we are all currently in lockdown, there are many new game releases that we can look forward to. Recently, the official launch trailer for Gears Tactics was released as the new game is set to launch at the end of April. However, if you just can’t wait till then, there are plenty of mobile games to play on while you wait. But why has mobile gaming become so popular?

Over the years, the mobile gaming industry has slowly caught the interest of many gamers and is now a popular platform to play on as well as console or PC. More people than ever are turning towards mobile games as mobiles provide ease of access to many titles, quick download times, and high-quality graphics.

The many advantages of mobile gaming

If you play mobile games regularly, or just now and then, there are many advantages that are associated with playing on mobile devices. Here are just some advantages that mobile gaming has:

  • Mobile games keep growing in complexity and detail as each day goes by. Gaming experience gets better when smartphone technology becomes more advanced as it helps to improve factors useful for mobile gaming such as storage capacity and graphics quality.
  • Another advantage of mobile gaming over the latter is that gamers can play anywhere since smartphones are lightweight and can be carried around anywhere.
  • With mobile gaming, gamers do not have to get tired of waiting for their games to load. Most mobile devices have quick app download and startup times so you don’t have to wait around to play your favorite games.
  • As mobile gaming is casual in nature, this means that you do not have to wait to buy all the accessories, disks, and controllers, in order to play games.
  • The cost of playing mobile games is significantly lower than that of playing desktop games. Many games are free on the app store so you don’t have to spend money at all if you don’t want to.
  • To experience a similar level of control of characters while gaming, you can always acquire mobile controllers that you can hook to your mobile device if you want to.

There are many categories of mobile games for players to choose from

Although there is, of course, many more console and desktop games to play than there are mobile games, there is nevertheless a great selection of games that you can play. Whether you are interested in playing creative puzzle games, exciting shooter games, or 18+ slot games, there are games out there to suit every type of player. Here are just some categories of games you can explore on your mobile:


Yes, you can even play your favorite board games on your mobile device! The iOS app store has plenty of great board games to choose from such as The Game of Life, Monopoly, and Cluedo. You can enjoy these games in the comfort of your own home, or out in your garden, without needing to set up a board.


Available on the app store, there are many free and paid casino games and card games that players can try out. Some of the free card games that you check out include Solitaire and Uno. There are also some paid card games in the iOS store you can explore too such as the creative Exploding Kittens game. There are also many new online slots and online casino games that are optimized for smartphones too such as the 18+ rated Heroes Hunt Megaways and Cleopatra Gold.


Action games are perhaps the most varied category of mobile games in existence. There are several types of exciting action games on app stores that can effortlessly be played on mobile phones or tablets. You can play repetitive yet creative action games like Temple Run 2 or Crossy Road, or participate in some fast-paced action with friends with PUBG Mobile.


One of the best game categories that you will discover on mobile are puzzle and word games as there are so many different types to choose from! If you are looking to test your brain, then games like Sudoku, Scrabble, Word Search, and Wordscapes, are great to play. There is even the popular Candy Crush Saga that you can test your skills in, either on mobile, or on Candy Crush Saga online too.

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