World War II Gaming Landscape Shifts: Offworld Industries Secures Post Scriptum

Historic FPS Post Scriptum Joins Forces with Squad Developers for Future Growth

Historical Acquisition: Offworld Welcomes Post Scriptum

Offworld Industries, renowned for its military shooter Squad, marks a significant milestone today. They have officially acquired Post Scriptum, a WWII tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that started as a Squad mod. This move signifies a strategic expansion under the Offworld banner, promising exciting developments for the WWII FPS genre.

Strategic Collaboration and Future Plans

Offworld’s collaboration with Mercury Arts ushers in a new era for Post Scriptum. The team is already gearing up for a substantial update and unveiling a comprehensive roadmap for 2024. With a focus on internal development and community engagement, Offworld Industries aims to boost Post Scriptum’s stature in the gaming world, reinvigorating its position as the top WWII tactical FPS.

Community at the Core

A key focus of this acquisition is strengthening ties with the game’s dedicated community. Recognizing the vital role server hosts have played in supporting Post Scriptum, Offworld is committed to direct support and collaboration, reinforcing the game’s community-driven foundation.

Post Scriptum: From Mod to Standalone Sensation

Post Scriptum’s journey from a Squad mod to a standalone title in August 2018, crafted by Periscope Games, is a testament to its unique appeal. Celebrated for its authentic WWII experience, the game offers an arsenal of era-specific weapons, vehicles, and meticulously designed maps. These elements work together to transport players to the intense battlefields of the 1940s.

The Essence of Post Scriptum

This WWII-themed FPS stands out for its commitment to historical accuracy, large-scale battles, and a challenging learning curve. Players are immersed in key campaigns like Operation Market Garden and Operation Overlord, experiencing warfare across diverse terrains from the Netherlands to France. Every aspect, from parachuting into battle to operating tanks, brings the WWII setting to life in a multiplayer environment.

Squad: A Cornerstone of Tactical FPS Gaming

Squad, the progenitor of Post Scriptum, is acclaimed for its realistic combat, emphasizing teamwork and strategic planning. Offering 23 expansive maps and a combination of infantry and vehicle-based gameplay, Squad delivers an immersive and intense combat experience, demanding quick thinking and real-world scale tactics.

With this strategic acquisition, Offworld Industries not only expands its portfolio but also reinforces its commitment to delivering deep, historically rich, and tactically complex gaming experiences. Fans of both Squad and Post Scriptum can look forward to a fusion of expertise and passion, promising an enhanced and more vibrant future for both titles.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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