ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles Review

The ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles are a valuable addition to the Oculus Quest 2 accessories market, offering a versatile gaming experience with three distinct handle modes for various genres. The product's user-friendly design features a quick-release clip, a comfortable hand cover, lightweight construction, and all-around safety measures. While providing excellent value and enhancing gameplay across a wide range of VR titles, these handles may not replace individual specialized game attachments, and compatibility with other VR systems is not detailed. Overall, the ZyberVR Handles come highly recommended for their adaptability, quality construction, and affordability, making them a worthy investment for immersive VR gaming.
  • Versatility: Three distinct handle modes accommodate various gaming genres.
  • Quick-Release Clip: Allows easy one-press installation or removal.
  • Comfortable Design: Thick sponge hand cover and foam grips enhance comfort.
  • Not Specialized: May not replace individual specialized game attachments.
  • Potential Compatibility Issues: Designed specifically for Oculus Quest 2; compatibility with other VR systems is not mentioned.
  • Limited Instructions: The included manual might not provide detailed guidance for every game or usage scenario.
Quality - 7
Performance - 9
Customization - 8
Design - 9
Price - 9

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles: An In-Depth Review

Virtual reality gaming takes immersive entertainment to the next level, and the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles are a significant addition to any VR gamer’s arsenal. These handles are specially designed to enhance the virtual reality experience across a wide range of gaming genres.

Three Modes for a Varied VR Experience

  • Dual Handle Mode: Ideal for games that require elongated grips, such as Gorilla Tag, Beat Saber, and others. This mode offers a more realistic feel and leverage.
  • Short Handle Mode: Perfect for golf games like Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Golf 5 eClub, providing a more realistic swing.
  • Long Handle Mode: Designed for Kayak VR: Mirage, Blade and Sorcery, and the Darth Maul Mod of Beat Saber.

Safety and Precautions

Safety comes first with the ZyberVR Handles. Users must ensure enough playing space to avoid accidents.

Unique Quick-Release Clip

This stable and user-friendly clip allows for a one-press installation or removal without blocking any controller signal. It contributes to the handles’ versatility.

Thick Sponge Hand Cover

The soft hand cover reduces vibration and absorbs sweat, ensuring a firm grip even during intense gaming sessions.

Ultra-Lightweight Construction

Made of anti-flame ABS material, these handles are not only lightweight but also steady and durable.

All-around Safety Features

Equipped with adjustable anti-slip hand straps and controller halo protectors, ZyberVR ensures a worry-free VR experience.

First Impressions Out of The Box

The unboxing reveals the handles’ comfortable and durable textured foam grips. Installation is effortless, and the minimal weight prevents hand fatigue.

Main Configurations

The three main modes offer varied gameplay experiences, from enhancing realism to transforming paddle sports. The build quality promises longevity.

What’s Included

The package comes with everything needed for an immediate setup, including:

  • Two color-coded left and right handles
  • One middle section with connection points
  • Two clips to attach the controllers
  • Two wrist straps
  • Two controller halo protectors
  • One manual
  • Available for purchase from the ZyberVR store

Specialized Handles for Various Games

These multipurpose handles are crafted for different gaming genres, enhancing the virtual reality experience in multiple ways.

Sturdy Construction and Comfort

The handles’ solid yet lightweight construction, combined with comfortable foam grips, allows for extended play without wear.

Pros and Cons

The ZyberVR Handles are an excellent value but may not replace individual specialized game attachments.

Swing Away

With a multifaceted design and affordable price tag, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles are a must-have for Oculus Quest 2 owners looking to enhance their VR experience. The product’s intelligent design, quality build, and attention to gamers’ needs make it a top recommendation in the market.

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