Astronimo Hits Early Access: A Cosmic Playground for Creative Minds

Thunderful and Coatsink are pulling no punches — Astronimo is now in Early Access. Gamers, get ready to let your creativity run wild in this co-op construction platform puzzler. Designed for up to four players via local or online multiplayer, the game delivers a cornucopia of dynamic puzzles that require inventive solutions.

Unleash Your Imagination in Interstellar Worlds

Astronimo revolves around four Hypergiant Inc. employees stranded on a distant, uncharted planet. With the ultimate objective of collecting enough antimatter to power a portal back home, players must work together to solve unique puzzles, build rockets, and explore celestial bodies.

Building and Sharing with World Editor

The real game-changer here is the World Editor feature. This toolset empowers players to craft anything from new challenges to full-fledged planets. Create a wacky jungle gym, pen your own cutscenes, or even architect entire solar systems. Once your masterpiece is complete, share it on Steam Workshop for the whole Astronimo community to explore.

Future-Proofing Astronimo

Isaac Page, Producer at Coatsink, emphasized the role of community engagement. “Astronimo is a game that we want the community to help shape for the future,” he said. With the roadmap featuring three full planets and over 20 hours of content, this Early Access release is merely the tip of the iceberg. Initially, players will have access to one planet and three mini-moons.

Keep Your Eye on The Cosmos

Astronimo brings together the best elements of platforming and customization. With its rich campaign, expansive content, and creative tools, the game offers a new frontier for platforming enthusiasts and amateur game designers alike. As more players dive in and share their creations, the sky—or rather, the galaxy—is the limit.

And that’s the 411, gamers. Keep it locked to G-LYFE for the latest updates on Astronimo and all things gaming.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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