Azoove’s Early Access Launch Set for April 3rd on Steam

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Timeless Toucan’s Co-op Roguelite Card Game Embarks on a Desert Journey

Azoove, a cooperative roguelite card game, is slated for an Early Access release on Steam on  April 3rd, 2024. Developed by Timeless Toucan, this game invites players to navigate the treacherous dunes of a cursed desert. It is designed for play on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, including compatibility with the Steam Deck. A demo of Azoove is currently available on Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version expected to launch alongside the game’s full release in 2025.

Gameplay and Mechanics

In Azoove, players join forces online to traverse a perilous landscape, managing health, resources, and mental composure to lift a devastating curse. The game challenges players daily with new disasters, emphasizing the importance of strategic card play and cooperation. Players start each day with a hand of cards that dictate their available actions. Opportunities arise through strategic card sharing and play, despite the adventurers’ inability to communicate directly—a homage to the tabletop games that inspired Azoove.

The game features four heroes, each with unique abilities that transform unused Action Points into beneficial effects. These range from conjuring supplies to healing the group and reducing despair. Action Points are a critical resource, encouraging thoughtful decision-making and strategic planning for each day’s challenges.

Strategic Depth and Replayability

Azoove offers multiple difficulty levels, providing varied challenges and replay value. Players can earn points from each run to enhance their decks for future attempts, either with a friend or an AI companion. The game’s design focuses on the evolving challenges and narratives that emerge from players’ decisions, especially under the pressure of survival with limited information.

Developer Insights

Daniel Milo, the founder of Timeless Toucan, expressed enthusiasm for the game’s social dynamics and the unique storytelling opportunities it presents. He highlighted the intrigue of watching players navigate the game’s challenges and make critical decisions based on incomplete information, which fosters compelling gameplay and narratives.

Availability and Future Plans

Azoove embarks on its journey on April 3rd, 2024, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users via Steam Early Access. Players can experience a slice of the adventure now through a demo on Steam, with anticipation building for the Nintendo Switch release set for 2025 alongside the full version’s debut.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam Deck

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