Best Gambling in Modern Video Games

Alright, could you name a more iconic duo than gambling and video gaming? Even if you try out playing in Las Vegas, you are more likely to see casino games based on memorable video games. A situation can be just the same, even if you start playing in online casinos in Canada this site provides a review of the games and bonuses that you can browse.

Except for that, most players are excited about synthesizing both gambling and video gaming. Luckily for such gamblers, one can easily try out dozens of video gaming titles that included gambling elements in various forms. Even though these titles have their own distinctive plots and narratives, their in-game features include gambling elements. If you’re interested in video games that include gambling within its gameplay, we’ve compiled a list of the best titles. Check them out!

Fallout: New Vegas

Oh lord, Fallout: New Vegas is indisputably one of the best games in the Fallout series. Not only the RPG fans enjoyed the reworked leveling system as well as a fascinating narrative, but this title also features dozens of gambling opportunities. One of the most iconic places is a Las Vegas Strip, where dozens of top-notch casino venues are located. There, all players can gamble in three unique land-based casinos, including Tops, Ultra-Luxe, and Gomorrah.

The games available there include Blackjack, Roulette, and various slot machines to try out. Outside the mentioned Strip, one can also gamble in Atomic Wrangler in Freeside or Vikki and Vence Casino in Primm. All the payouts and winnings in these venues are determined by your Luck skill, which we commonly recommend increasing before diving deep to these locations. You know, it’s quite comforting that you can enjoy the good-old casino variations in a post-apocalyptic world.


Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games are famous not only for iconic GTA games but also for a western-themed Red Dead Redemption series. Now, we’re about to describe the first installation of this series that features dozens of in-game gambling features common for modern online casinos. Even though Red Dead Redemption recollects all the best aspects of any modern video game, such as stunning gameplay and appealing visuals, its gambling elements are also worthy of mentioning.

In particular, all players are eligible to access various Poker and Blackjack tables throughout gameplay. Except for exciting gameplay of Poker and Blackjack, Marston, who is a protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, can also wager on arm-wrestling and horseshoes. Thanks to these fascinating gameplay features, one can make the most of these activities to enrich gaming experience even more. Thanks, Rockstar Games, you’re awesome!


Final Fantasy VII

For thousands of gamblers, Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic series ever created. The fans of old-school RPGs can enjoy Final Fantasy VII, commonly associated as being one of the most successful installments. What makes this title to be on this list is a fascinating location called Gold Saucer. This is an astonishing amusement park that is also a host to dozens of mini-games, including the gambling ones.

What is even more fascinating is the fact that you won’t access any traditional card game, such as Blackjack or Roulette, in Final Fantasy VII. One of the fascinating titles that encompass all gambling features is a Triple Triad. It uses a 3×3 grid with various colored sectors. Once you manage to get all cards on the board before your opponent, your stake would be doubled. Easy as that!

Even though you won’t find a Triple Triad amusement in any online Toronto casino, all Canadian gamblers are welcome to try out dozens of specialty games in any review on Toronto online casino. Since our recension team reviews only the best gambling websites available for Canadian players, checking out that online casino is a must to enrich your gaming experience. Hopefully, you’d be able to reach the same emotions of our reviews, like the ones available to claim in Final Fantasy VII.


Super Mario 64

Hello there, all Nintendo fans. If you have owned Nintendo DS before, we bet that you’ve tried Super Mario 64. Except for fascinating gameplay that keeps you entertained for countless hours, it features dozens of gambling perks. In such regard, paying a visit to Luigi’s Casino is a must to relax from completing numerous missions available throughout this exciting platform video game.

In Luigi’s Casino, players can try out table games, including different variations of Blackjack and Roulette. Except for table games, all players can access different slot machines that are perfectly themed to Super Mario 64. That means you’re welcome to start gambling there without any risks of losing, as in real money gambling endeavors. We can also point out that we were amazed to get to know that the in-game gambling features were a real hit back in 1996, the year of this title’s release.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is regarded to be one of the best AAA titles ever created. Except for in-depth lore, exciting combat, and stunning visual and sound effects, the gameplay features are also far-reaching. CD Projekt Red, the developers of this award-winning title, have paid enough attention to thousands of little details that make an overall impression of this title. This game is more of an honorable mention in this list since it features Gwent, a game that later becomes a standalone game.

The essence of this gambling mini-game is to play spells and cards to defeat your enemies, alongside reaching the maximum points possible. During the three rounds, one has to make dozens of strategic decisions to win a battle as a whole. The game had grown to such an extent that before the release of a standalone title, thousands of gamers were playing Witcher 3 only to enjoy the mini-game of Gwent. Sounds exciting for a gambling mini-game, don’t you think so? Regardless of whether you played this game, we recommend giving it a shot since thousands of Canadian players currently enjoy it.

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  1. Lol Triple triad is in FF VIII, not VII what a poor article 5 games and 1 of them is wrong whoever wrote this ”article ” should not call himself a journalist of any kind plus I wouldn’t call Nintendo 64 games ”modern” but whatever


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