Black Desert Mobile Unveils Land of the Morning Light, Black Desert Online Introduces Permanent Season Server

Pearl Abyss is bringing the heat to both Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online. For mobile, gamers can experience Land of the Morning Light, dropping September 26th. Meanwhile, on PC, the revamped season server has gone live, offering an endless leveling experience.

All-New Mobile Content: Land of the Morning Light Drops September 26th

Land of the Morning Light gives Black Desert Mobile a total makeover with original gameplay, Joseon dynasty-inspired characters, and cultural storylines. Say hello to a mythical continent full of folklore bosses and authentic landmarks from Korea’s heritage.

Mythical Bosses Await in Land of the Morning Light

Level up for battles with four epic bosses including the Golden Pig King, Gumiho the nine-tailed Fox, the blue-skinned monster Songakshi, and the Mudang Wraith, Bari. There’s a mode for every gamer, from newcomer to veteran, with the Black Shrine offering Calamity Level difficulty for those who dare.

New Gear Alert: Dawnveil Gear and Flame of Hongik

Adventurers, gear up! Conquer bosses in Black Shrine Boss Rush and you can snag the Flame of Hongik, your key to crafting Dawnveil Gear. Make sure to collect Flame of Hongik’s Embers, because you’re gonna want these high-powered goodies in your arsenal.

Discover Korean Culture Through In-Game Quests

The game now offers Korean folklore-inspired quests. Walk through an unfolding narrative featuring characters like Songakshi, the vengeful maiden ghost, and Bari, the Mudang Wraith. Dive into history while racking up those XP points.

Real World Inspires Stunning Game Landscapes

Gamer, you’re not in your living room anymore. Pearl Abyss took inspo from 15 real-world locations to bring you in-game landscapes like a Joseon period Korean folk village and the Nampo Gate, modeled after the Sangdang Sanseong Fortress.

Meet Woosa Awakening: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Enter Woosa Awakening, a.k.a. Choryeong. This new character uses a calligraphy brush to summon souls of the deceased and lethal flowers to block enemies. Depending on the distance between her and the enemy, Woosa can deal either long- or short-range attacks or just make flowers trail after enemies, causing havoc.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Black Desert Online Season Server Goes Evergreen

The season server is now a permanent fixture, allowing players to level up whenever they wish, no seasonal deadline. The server includes season-exclusive gear and perks through the Season Pass. It’s the perfect landing spot for newbies and pros alike.

Double the Fun with Character Tag System in Black Desert Online

Game-changer alert! Now you can level up two characters at once. Thanks to the Character Tag system, tag an idle character to an active one and both will receive the same experience points. Get ready to double your power!

Seasonal Character Tickets to Jump-Start Your Adventure

In celebration of the new season, Black Desert Online is giving away two seasonal character tickets to adventurers. Time to kick off your journey with a bang!

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

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