Boulies Introduces its larger Elite Max Gaming Chair

The thickened and reinforced Elite Max frame with strategic welding and additional bars provides a comfortable place for larger people to game or work.

UK based, premium office and gaming chair specialist, Boulies, today announces the arrival of its latest ultra-comfortable Elite Max chair for both gaming and work use. The Elite Max has been born to gain comprehensive support for larger framed people, with a specially designed ergonomic backrest, flatter seat, and reinforced frame. The Elite Max is perfect for gaming and entertainment, combining multiple adjustable features, and upgraded luxurious synthetic materials. The Elite Max is available in both black and charcoal color options and is currently on offer from the Boulies UK website at only £339.99 and £344.99 respectively, including a Spring Sale £40 off discount. They are also available on the U.S. Boulies website from $399.00 with a $60 discount.

Reshaped for unparalleled strength and durability, Boulies has thickened and re-inforced the Elite Max frame with strategic welding and additional bars for improved strength without compromising on ergonomics and comfort. The Elite Max series of gaming chairs have been engineered from the ground up to provide a lasting and comfortable seating experience for larger framed people.

The Elite Max seat is both wider and taller than the standard Elite series chairs and features firm cold-cure foam which can support your long-term health sitting. The main internal structure is made of aluminum alloy, now the armrests are stronger, smoother, and more durable. Even the arm pads have been re-designed to be both softer and more durable.

Boasting high-grade materials, improved ergonomics, and an eccentric yet elegant design, the Elite Max Series stand out from other gaming chairs on the market. With a specially designed backrest that conforms to the natural curvature of the spine, a person with a larger-than-average body can rest comfortably without relying on a headrest or lumbar pillow with the weight distributed evenly across the chair for a more comfortable seating experience. For different body shapes, a headrest pillow and a lumbar pillow are also included.

With more than 6 ways of dynamic adjustment, it is possible to customize the ideal comfortable sitting position for gaming or working. Adapting to the shape of the user’s body, it provides freedom of movement to higher-than-average body weights or heights.

  • Adjustable armrest: 8-ways adjustable, aluminum construction
  • Reclining mechanism: stepless backrest reclining control.
  • Multi-tilt mechanism: height adjustment, rocking tilt switch (with lock function), tilt tension adjustment

Boulies signature Ultraflex PU leather has been carefully developed over hundreds of hours to be not only durable but also comfortable, smooth, and soft to the touch – making it the perfect material for a gaming chair that you are likely to spend hours sitting in. It is also similar to the upholstery you may find in a high-end sports car, which suits its racing aesthetic. To ensure that the fabric remains breathable, Boulies has also incorporated a perforated leather design.

With a special dyeing and finishing process, woven with high-strength fibers, Boulies’ new signature fabric is more durable, strong, and breathable. Additionally, to prevent the outer layer of the fabric from becoming saturated with liquids, Boulies has added a coating to the fabric to ensure it is water-repellent for any little accidents that may occur. Both options include a neck pillow for added comfort.

The Boulies Elite Max series is available in Ultraflex PU black leather as well as water-repellent charcoal fabric and are available on the Boulies UK website from £339.99 and £344.99 respectively, including a Spring Sale £40 off discount.

They are also available on the U.S. Boulies website from $399.00 with a $60 discount.

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