Gaming Chair

E-Win Gaming Chair (Champion Series) Review

With more and more people staying home due to the growing pandemic, people are starting to turn to video games as a means to pass the time. As such people are spending more time sitting down than movi...

8 Great 8.3 GreatUser Avg

Nexon Partners with DXRacer to Release A Limited Edition MapleStory Pink Bean Chair!

Nexon America today announced a partnership with renowned premium gaming chair brand, DXRacer to release a limited edition chair based on the iconic MapleStory character, Pink Bean.  The Limited Editi...

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review

We live in the era of the gaming chair. The once novelty item is now “the standard” for anything gaming related (they’re even even available for purchase at Walmart). Before it was even called a gamin...

8.9 Great 8.9 GreatUser Avg

Why It’s Time to Get Serious About Ergonomic Furniture for Gamers

When videogames first became popular in the 1980s, the typical teen-aged player sat on the floor near the TV to play after school, often because the cords for controllers didn’t stretch far enough to ...

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