Catch a Million Pokémon to Fund Childhood Cancer Research

Starting this week, from April 24th to May 1st, 2022 Pokémon Twitch streamers will be working together to catch 1 million Pokémon and raise $100,000 for St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is challenging Twitch streamers to catch a million Pokémon and raise $100,000 in 7 days to fund childhood cancer research around the world. The research funded by this event has the potential to impact every kid diagnosed with cancer. Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer is open to all streamers who enjoy Pokémon, regardless of stream size.

  • Participants MUST register on CatchAMillion to contribute towards the overall goal of catching 1 million Pokémon. Every streamer playing any Pokémon game is invited to participate.
  • Throughout the week-long event, will receive live updates with the latest capture data and fundraiser updates.
  • While streamers are live on Twitch with the integrated tracker app, their captures will count toward the million-Pokémon goal.
  • Every Pokémon caught in any Pokémon game counts toward the overall goal.

At the forefront of the fundraiser, TwitchPlaysPokemon will be hosting a Pokémon Red and Blue face-off. Team captains Bruce Greene and KaraCorvus are key players in the 24/7 event as they race to complete as much Pokémon content as possible using the “Twitch Plays” chat-driven gameplay format. Where all streamers are welcome to fundraise for St. Baldrick’s, all viewers are invited to participate in the Twitch Plays race in between supporting their favorite Pokémon streamers.

Pokémon helps to conquer kids’ cancer in more ways than one.

Peter, 15, is the honored kid for this event. He endured chemotherapy treatment for osteosarcoma during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With a weakened immune system and days spent in the hospital, Peter wasn’t able to connect with his friends in person. Video games served as a much-needed distraction from the pain of battling childhood cancer while also giving him a way to hang out with his friends.

Join Peter, Bruce Greene, KaraCorvus, and many other Twitch streamers this week as we work to catch a million Pokémon and raise $100,000 for St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-driven event and is in no way sponsored or associated with the owners of Pokémon intellectual property on any platform or in any medium. All rights to Pokémon (trademarks, media, and so forth) are still the property of their respective owners.

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