Catch ‘Em All on Netflix: Pokémon Horizons Hits Screens February 2024

New Pokémon Animated Series Set to Electrify Fans During Pokémon Day Festivities

New Pokémon Series Alert!

The Pokémon Company International just dropped some epic news for all the Trainers out there! Gear up, because Pokémon Horizons: The Series is set to premiere in the U.S. on February 23, 2024. That’s right, exclusively on Netflix! And guess what? It’s perfectly timed to be part of the Pokémon Day celebrations. Remember, that’s the day we all go nuts over Pokémon, marking the original games’ release back in ’96.

What’s Cooking in Pokémon Horizons?

Hold onto your Poké Balls, because “Pokémon Horizons” is bringing a storyline we’ve never seen before. We’re talking about Liko and Roy, two fresh protagonists, each with their own partner Pokémon – Sprigatito and Fuecoco. These two are about to embark on some wild adventures, meet characters like Friede and (wait for it) Captain Pikachu, and dive deep into the mysteries of the Pokémon world.

Dive into the Synopsis

So, what’s the deal with “Pokémon Horizons”? Liko lands at Indigo Academy and gets her first Pokémon, Sprigatito. But things heat up fast – she’s being chased by a shady group called the Explorers, all because of her pendant necklace. Good thing she’s got backup like Friede, Captain Pikachu, and the Rising Volt Tacklers on an airship. Then there’s Roy, dreaming big about being a Pokémon Trainer, clueless about the secret in his Ancient Poké Ball. As they set sail for new horizons, who knows what they’ll find?

A Fresh Take for Fans

Taito Okiura, VP of Marketing at The Pokémon Company International, is hyping up the fans. He’s promising an all-new Pokémon animated adventure for Pokémon Day 2024. It’s been more than 25 years since we got a fresh animated series, so both OG Trainers and newbies are in for a treat. Get ready to explore the Pokémon world like never before!

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