Check Out ‘Color Collab: Coloring Book & Stress-Relief Games’

Foundry IV has officially launched Color Color Collab, a first-of-its-kind digital coloring app packed with features including exclusive art from world-renowned artists led by Art Director Chris Nunez...

Behind the Scenes – The Making of Flow Weaver

This 9min dive examines these two studios and their relationship together, developing satisfying puzzles, and tackling the challenges of designing an escape room style experience for virtual reality.

Icarus Goes Behind the Scenes in ‘The Making of” Episode 1

The Making ICARUS | Episode 1 Available Now on YouTube. For the past 18 months, a videographer has been embedded in the studio filming early game development, design decisions, and team meetings to pr...

Humankind Behind the Scenes – “The Power of Diplomacy”

Humankind Shares Feature Focus “The Power of Diplomacy”.   HUMANKIND’s diplomacy system is meant to create interesting stories based on a player’s interactions with the ma...

How World of Tanks Made it to Space for Upcoming Update

Next month, World of Tanks Blitz is heading for a new frontier: outer stratosphere. Throughout April, all activities have a cosmic flavor, including several in-game events, the return of Burning Games...

Behind the Scenes Making of Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards

Digitart Interactive has released a new video featurette offering a behind-the-scenes look at how Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards’ fan-favorite heroine came to be.

Texas Map Expansion Drives Into American Truck Simulator

Today, SCS Software officially announced the development of another upcoming DLC which was originally showcased and teased during our most recent Christmas Special Stream. The changes that are introdu...

Behind the Scence of VR Title Maskmaker with Creator Balthazar Auxietre Part 2

Maskmaker introduces its world in the second Behind the Scenes video In this all-new behind-the-scenes featurette, creator Balthazar Auxietre of InnerspaceVR leads us through the mysterious, mystical ...

Behind the Scenes – The Making of Maritime Calling

Crafting an authentic sailing experience that makes a player’s heart swell with a sense of discovery is no easy task. In the new video, Tiamat Games discusses how their passion for creating a rich vid...

Bang-on Balls Multiplayer Developer Insider

March 3rd is nearly upon us, so Exit Plan Games has decided to create a small developer insider video to highlight how Bang-on Balls multiplayer works along with some gameplay footage.  

Super-Skrull Enters MARVEL Contest of Champions

K’Lrt was a highly decorated soldier of the Super-Skrull Empire. But when the Super-Skrull invasion of Earth was thwarted by the Fantastic Four, he was made into Super-Skrull. The first and the greate...

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