Charming Planet-Builder My Little Universe Crafts its First PC Demo Today on Steam

The popular worldbuilding sandbox adventure, My Little Universe, developed by Estoty and published by SayGames, has made its way to PC. With over 30 million mobile downloads, the game is now available on Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate its PC debut, a new demo of the game has been released on Steam, allowing players to get a taste of this cozy and wholesome bestseller.

In My Little Universe, players find themselves crash-landed on an island in the middle of an ocean on a distant planet, armed with nothing but a mighty pickaxe. The goal is to transform this small piece of land into a thriving and flourishing world. Players must chop down trees to gather wood, mine for precious metals and minerals, and search for other useful supplies. The map is constantly expanding, providing new additions and opportunities for exploration.

Resource management is key in My Little Universe. Players must carefully manage their resources to expand the terrain, upgrade tools and equipment, and unlock new tiles and locations. With each new discovery, the world becomes more vibrant and offers exciting possibilities. The game features five different types of gear that can be strengthened, allowing players to become masters at gathering materials and boosting efficiency.

As players progress, they can create entire continents through various actions such as growing, digging, slashing, and crafting. Each planet offers its own unique goods to discover, buildings to construct, and enemies to encounter. However, players must be prepared to face challenges along the way. New hexes of land may hide dangerous monsters, including alien fungi, brutish ogres, and towering treefolk. To overcome these obstacles, players can rely on a well-crafted sword or employ evasive tactics. For those who prefer not to face these challenges alone, My Little Universe allows up to three friends to join in on the adventure, exploring the multi-dimensional planes and uncovering hidden secrets together.

Yegor Vaikhanski, CEO & Co-founder at SayGames, emphasized the importance of resource management in the game. He stated, “Much like any real civilization, resource management is the key to success in My Little Universe. Managing a new world may seem daunting, but we want to instill curiosity in players without the stress of real-world problems. My Little Universe offered charming escapism to mobile platforms, and now we hope to do the same for PC and Nintendo Switch players.”

Davis Toliasvili, CEO of Estoty Riga, expressed excitement about the game’s expansion to PC. He said, “We set sail on a new adventure to add depth to the simple yet satisfying experience of My Little Universe. We went back to square one and rebuilt it to be even more enjoyable than before. We’re bringing the full-fledged experience to PC, and we can’t wait for players to embark on this journey and explore the world we have created!”

The PC demo of My Little Universe is now live on Steam, giving players a chance to immerse themselves in this delightful and enchanting planet-building experience. Whether it’s the satisfaction of transforming a barren land into a thriving world or the thrill of uncovering new secrets and defeating enemies, My Little Universe promises a captivating adventure for players to enjoy.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch

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