Clash: Mutants vs Pirates – Now Available

NewGen is excited to announce that their third-person MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates is now available on Steam. Blending sci-fi and fantasy, Clash MVP features 8 champions and two factions, vicious space pirates and merciless mutants. Including two game modes, team deathmatch and Kinvader mode players will battle it out in Clash: Mutants vs Pirates in fast-paced matches to defeat the enemy team.

In Clash MVP players will be able to choose from tank, damage, and support characters to aid their teammates in battle. With multiple champions for each role, players will be able to pick the champion that best suits their playstyle while filling the role of their choice. Matches in Clash MVP consists of two teams of five players each. Throughout the match, players will earn gold either by assisting their teammates or defeating enemy players. Gold can then be used to purchase items to buff up their champions giving them additional armor, healing, and more.

Whether queueing solo or with friends, players will be able to choose between team deathmatch and Kinvader mode. Team deathmatch consists of close-quarter PvP combat with the goal of reaching 40 kills before the enemy team. Players looking for a blend of PvP and PvE elements can select Kinvader mode. In Kinvader mode each team will have to strategically defend their own Kinvader while taking offensive action against the enemy team and its Kinvader.

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Players looking for variety in their gameplay can also create custom matches, choosing team sizes of anywhere from 3 to 5 players on each team. Alongside custom matches, players can also change up their gameplay with champion skins, emotes, avatars, and more. Players looking to jump-start their collection in Clash MVP can purchase bundles on the official site.

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates is now available on Steam Early Access and is free-to-play.

Mutants vs Pirates

A list of features includes:

  • Choose between 8 champions with unique abilities.
  • Unleash mighty special attacks to turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.
  • Control minions and use them to strategically fight for your team.
  • Enhance your abilities and skills with a number of items available in each match.
  • Gain experience for your champion in each battle to level up and unlock rewards.
  • Deploy tower defenses or powerful machine guns to thwart the enemy onslaught.
  • Multiple game modes to choose from including the unique Kinvader mode and team deathmatch.
  • Queue up solo, with friends, or create custom matches of 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5.
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