Death From Above: A Detailed Look at the Latest Steam Release

A Combat Drone Simulator with a Real-World Connection

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Introduction to Death From Above

Death From Above, an arcade-style combat drone simulator, has officially launched on Steam. Developed by Rockodile and published by Lesser Evil, the game positions players in the role of a Ukrainian drone operator during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Tasked with crucial missions behind enemy lines, players engage in surveillance, combat, and the destruction of enemy assets to contribute to Ukraine’s fight for freedom.

Development and Reception

Originating from a successful Kickstarter campaign and previously available in Early Access since May 2023, Death From Above has been met with high praise, achieving a 96% positive review score from players on Steam. The transition to full release brings numerous enhancements, including expanded missions, a comprehensive story campaign, and various hidden elements and satirical content.

Supporting a Cause

In line with its release, Lesser Evil has pledged to donate a minimum of 30% of game proceeds to Ukrainian charitable organizations, reinforcing the game’s connection to real-world events. This initiative is part of Lesser Evil’s broader mission to address global issues through gaming. The CEO of Lesser Evil, Hendrik Lesser, has expressed a strong commitment to supporting Ukraine in its struggle against aggression and has already contributed over €10,000 to Ukrainian charities during the game’s Early Access phase.

Collaborations and Cultural Contributions

Death From Above is notable for its collaboration with the Ukrainian community, including contributions from Octobear Knight Games and partnerships with Ukrainian military tech firms. The game features music from Ukrainian artists, including an exclusive track by the rock band Antytila. A unique aspect of the game is its offering of a Crimean Tatar localization, a first for a Steam game, emphasizing the developers’ effort to engage with and represent the indigenous population of Crimea.

Upcoming Events and Further Details

The game will be featured at the ‘Games in War’ academic conference in Gdańsk on February 24, where developers and industry professionals will discuss the role of interactive media in historical interpretation. Death From Above is available on Steam, GoG, and the Epic Games Store, offering players new missions, a complete storyline, additional game modes, achievements, and language options.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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