DNF Duel Roster Levels Up with Brawler DLC – Get Ready to Rumble

Heads up, fighters! DNF Duel just rolled out a new contender to shake up the ring—meet “Brawler,” the latest DLC character to join the current Season Pass roster. For those clutching a Season Pass, the character is yours to dominate with starting today.

DNF Duel DNA Infused with Dungeon Fighter Online

This isn’t your ordinary punch-fest; DNF Duel is the 2.5D love child of the legendary RPG Dungeon Fighter Online. We’re talking about gameplay that screams fluidity and combos, allowing players to go full alpha, mastering the “Ultimate Will” by outplaying opponents with clever strategies and relentless assaults.

Brawler: The Antihero We Never Knew We Needed

Donning a killer leather jacket loaded with chains, Brawler’s reputation is as gnarly as his arsenal. From concealed weapons to long-reaching chain attacks, from poison-laced mines to needles and explosives—this guy doesn’t mess around. With a persona that’s equal parts charisma and menace, Brawler adds a flavor of wild unpredictability that’s been missing from the lineup.

Unlock the Awakening: Unleash the Mayhem

Here’s the deets: unlock Brawler’s Awakening skill when the HP dips to 30% or less with a Gold Cube. And if you’re hovering around 50% HP? Pick a Clear Cube. Either way, Brawler’s club turns into an explosive wrecking ball, delivering a brutal beatdown that’ll leave the battlefield reeling and your opponents questioning their life choices.

Season Pass Roadmap & Pricing

Brawler is part of a more extensive Season Pass package that’s priced at a cool $19.99. This pass includes not just Brawler but also Spectre and three more characters set to drop in the coming months. Individual DLC fighters can be snagged for $6.99. All the roadmap goodness is up for grabs on DNF Duel’s official YouTube channel.

Limited-Time Discount Alert

For those on the fence about joining the action, now’s the time to dive in. DNF Duel is dishing out a 60% discount for PC (Steam) and console (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch) players, but only until Wednesday, September 27.

For More Info, Follow the Trail

Looking to keep up with DNF Duel updates? Check out their official website, YouTube, and Twitter channels for the latest buzz. Remember, you’ll need to grab the latest game version and own the base game to utilize the Season Pass and DLC characters.

So whether you’re a button-masher or a combo artist, this latest DLC is bound to add a new dimension to your DNF Duel experience. Keep those controllers charged, gamers!

DNF Duel Introduces Spectre: Newest DLC Character in Season Pass Launch

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

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