Early Access to GreenPark A Virtual NBA Land

Early Access to GreenPark Sports Now Allows Players to Be the First to Join In-App NBA Events, Play Games, and Win Exclusive Virtual Prizes.

GreenPark Sports, the publisher, and developer of fan-focused mobile games and social experiences announced today that it is expanding its digital universe by opening land for NBA fans. The immersive virtual space will give basketball fanatics early access to join in-app NBA events, compete in dance battles, earn exclusive virtual prizes, and more. This news comes just after the organization announced the launch of its early access period for LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) fans in mid-January.

“Since announcing our partnership with the NBA in Dec. 2020, we’ve been looking forward to expanding our sports metaverse to include basketball fans,” said Ken Martin, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenPark. “GreenPark is committed to our vision for the Future of Fandom, and we look forward to seeing how the sports community embraces this new way to celebrate their favorite NBA players and teams.”

Designed for the new generation of sports and esports fans, the free mobile app offers numerous experiences that allow fans to battle it out through a variety of challenges and become the undisputed “Best Fans” at the top of their league and team leaderboards.

For NBA fans, in-app events and games include:

Live Events: Join NBA events, where fan avatars can gather to follow in-game jumbotrons utilizing real-time scoreboards and graphics.

Prediction Battles: Draw a set of in-game events and collectible player cards to predict the outcome of NBA games. Fans accumulate points for accuracy and win in-game rewards after the match wraps up.

Dance Battles: Show off your Greenie avatar’s best moves in a rhythm battle game, earning points for your team and moving you up the weekly leaderboard.

Exclusive Prizes: Receive exclusive in-app items including special limited-edition NBA gear such as digital jerseys, shoes, and hats. Players at the top of the leaderboards can earn a set of epic GreenPark Founder’s Gear, which includes a jersey, cap, and blinged-out sunglasses.
In addition to the deal with the NBA, GreenPark’s multi-year partnership with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) offers fans a chance to earn and collect official NBA player gear for their avatar, including prediction cards and the in-app NBA jumbotron. Player trophy collections, digital signatures, and NBA player avatars are just a few of the other ways in which GreenPark Sports may introduce NBA player elements later in the year.

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