First Ever Brazilian Game Week Starts September 24 2021

Today marks the beginning of the first annual Brazilian Games Week — five days dedicated to celebrating the Brazilian games industry with the world! Developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (Itamaraty) as a complementary action to Brazil Games, Brazilian Consulates and Embassies across 20 countries will present the vibrant Brazilian studios’ games, innovations, and work across all social media channels.

Let the games begin! Today, Brazil Games — the Brazilian Games Export Program — is thrilled to announce the first annual Brazilian Game Week. Set to take place from today through September 24th, 2021, Brazilian Game Week is a project developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (Itamaraty), as a complementary action to the Brazil Games, with the simultaneous participation of Brazilian Consulates and Embassies across more than 20 countries. The event will spread the word about the Brazilian video game industry’s impact at home and on the global stage.

Since 2014, with the Brazil Games project, Abragames and Apex-Brasil have helped Brazil achieve much in the gaming landscape. Now, with the Brazilian Game Week, Brazil takes the opportunity to show the world what it has accomplished and how it can emerge as a leading innovator in the global industry.

Throughout five days, a different aspect of the Brazilian video game industry will be presented, with related content posted on webpages specifically designed for the project and promoted via the Embassies’ and Consulates’ social media:
September 20th, 2021 — The Brazilian Industry: The week will kick off with an overview of the Brazilian gaming industry, including its studios, financial structures, and high-level education and events alongside the global potential for Brazilian games.

September 21th, 2021 — Featured Brazilian Games: Brazilian games have been praised by critics and players worldwide for their beautiful art direction and engaging gameplay. The most prominent Brazilian games from across consoles, PC, and mobile will be showcased on this day.

September 22nd, 2021 — Esports in Brazil: The impact of esports in the country, as well as its contribution to Brazil’s image in the wider gaming world as one of the world leaders for professional esports players, will be explored this day.

September 23rd, 2021 — “Serious Games”: Education, Health, and other sectors: While gaming is often viewed as a relaxing hobby, it can also be utilized to tackle more serious issues. On this day the possibilities for the gaming industry to support other economic sectors including education, health care, and business will be investigated.

September 24th, 2021 — Virtual Reality: The week will be wrapped up with a showcase of the latest innovations in virtual reality, shining a light on several of the award-winning VR games made in Brazil.

In addition to showcasing the Brazilian video game industry on a global scale, efforts to connect with the local gaming community, as well as support it, will be taken throughout the week. Contacts will be made with local companies in the video gaming sector and other interested parties, such as academia and the press. Through these initiatives, more accurate data on the various local markets should be made available, and potential investors in Brazilian companies identified.

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