Flash Party Season 9 “Wheel of Destiny” Debuts with Dojo System, Tarot-Themed Skins, and More

Flash Party’s ninth season, titled “Wheel of Destiny,” has launched with a host of new features and content for players to enjoy. XD Games in Shanghai has unveiled the highly-anticipated Dojo System, Tarot-themed skins, and a variety of rewards and challenges for both cooperative and competitive play.

The new Dojo System allows players to create a personalized Dojo with friends, offering exclusive chat channels and the ability to showcase their achievements on the Leaderboard and Personal Information. To commemorate the arrival of the Dojo System, a series of unique missions called “Rise of Rookies” will be available, providing players the opportunity to collaborate with friends and earn incredible rewards.

For fans of competitive play, the Arena awaits with Cupid’s latest skin, The Angel of Love. Players can unlock this divine skin by reaching level 20 Intensity in battles, adding a majestic touch to their Cupid character.

In addition to Cupid, other characters receive new looks with the Wheel of Destiny Skin Set. Tina, Sophia, and Mr. 5 each receive Tarot card-themed skins representing Strength, Justice, and Hermit, respectively. These skins offer players insight into the personalities of their favorite heroes.

Players can also complete Party Missions to unlock Alice’s new Recolor Skin: Andromeda, while reaching level 30 on the Party Pass will grant access to Sivi’s Alter Verse Challenge Skin Set: “Vibrant Red.”

Dive into Flash Party Season 9 “Wheel of Destiny” and experience the new Dojo System, Tarot-inspired skins, and a variety of exciting rewards to unlock.

Platforms: Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows

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