Free Games July 2019 (with your paid subscriptions)

It’s that time again … time for the release of free games (that you paid for with your subscriptions)! The players who subscribe to either PlayStation’s PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold will gain access to the following free games with the online subscription service.

PS Plus

PlayStation was originally going to release Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo. Not many PlayStation subscribers were happy about the selection due to the fact that PlayStation stopped providing free games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. With dropping those two platforms, PlayStation has stated that they would provide higher quality games for PlayStation 4. Luckily in a quick turn of events, Detroit: Become Human will be switched out with PES 2019 as the free game. With the Deluxe Edition, players will also have a chance to play Heavy Rain if they so choose to.

Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition

Quantic Dream has been known for developing story-driven experiences, and Detroit: Become Human is a thrilling adventure. Find out what it means to be human in an emotional journey made of choices and consequences. In the year 2038 and set in Detroit City, the area has been revitalized with the introduction of Androids into everyday life. Step into the role of Androids as they start behaving like they are alive … creating events that spin out of control.

Horizon Chase Turbo

A love letter to the iconic, just-one-more-go racers of the arcade’s golden age … prepare for a blast of pure 90’s nostalgia with Horizon Chase Turbo. It draws inspiration from the likes of Out Run, Top Gear, and Rush. Play solo or grab up to three friends for a classic, split-screen, couch multiplayer. You’ll pilot your car with the essence of the 16-bit-era with modern visuals and an insane soundtrack.

Xbox Games with Gold

Xbox is a bit different than its competitors when it comes to free games for the subscriptions. Xbox provides two games for Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games, and they are available during specified time periods.

Inside (Xbox One) – Available July 1st to July 31st

Take control of a young boy who is hunted and alone in creepy atmospheric environments. Try to survive all forms of deadly traps and enemies, and journey your way to the heart of a covert institute.

Big Crown: Showdown (Xbox One) – Available July 16th to August 15th

Your friends become your foes in Big Crown: Showdown. Compete for the crown in four-player local or online multiplayer in three wacky worlds full of medieval shenanigans. Engage in frenzied fights and avoid perilous hazards in a fun and entertaining title for all ages.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Xbox 360, also playable on Xbox One) – Available July 1 to July 15th

A 2-D adventure/RPG platformer that takes place in Dracula’s castle. It’s up to you to save the world from the creatures of evil and solve the mystery of the previous hero Richard Belmont.

Meet the Robinsons (Xbox 360, also playable on Xbox One) – Available July 16th to July 31st

Based on the animated movie with the same name … save the future by traveling to the past and help Wilbur go up against the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his robotic hat named Doris. Battle enemies to fix the time stream by solving puzzles with a collection of scientific gadgets.

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Jon “Onetrackpunk” Layola is an Amateur Vlogger/Film Maker on YouTube and Podcast Host for One Track Gamers and The Onetrackpunk Show.

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