God of Riffs: Unleashing Metal Mayhem on PSVR2 in 2024

Epic Rhythm Battles Await in The Underworld of The Metalverse

The Metalverse Saga Continues

God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse, the VR heavy metal rhythm game from VYERSOFT, is about to amp up the volume on PSVR2. This rocking title, already a hit on Meta Quest and SteamVR, will hit the PSVR2 stage in 2024, complete with a brand new story mode campaign.

The Lord of Silence’s Reign of Terror

The Metalverse is under siege! The Lord of Silence has muted the once-melodic realm, leaving it in eerie quiet. Gamers, it’s time to join forces with The Roadie, the last guardian standing against this dark lord, and bring back the ear-splitting, headbanging tunes. Expect new skins, fresh songs, and two additional levels to explore.

A New Kind of Battle Awaits

Armed with twin axes, players will slash through legions of the undead in sync with hardcore metal beats. Explore diverse biomes like the Celtic Metal Forests and the Pirate Metal Docks, all while jamming to tracks from The Tiberian Sons and other featured artists.

Master The Rhythm, Dominate The Leaderboards

This game is easy to pick up but a beast to master. Precision and power are key to taking down underworld scum and climbing the leaderboards. After conquering the story mode, unlock new axes, skins, and songs to keep the arcade mode fresh and challenging.

 Vyersoft’s Vision for VR Metalheads

Matt Conn, Vyersoft’s Company Director, expresses their dedication to combining virtual reality with rhythm-based combat, aiming to rock the VR community. This update isn’t just for new faces; it’s a revamped journey for the Metalverse veterans too.

Pricing and Availability

The new story mode for God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse is a free update for existing owners. Newcomers can grab it on Meta Quest and SteamVR for $19.99 USD, with a headbanging 40% discount during the Steam VR Fest until Dec. 11, 2023. Brace yourselves, PSVR2 users, 2024 is your year to join the battle!

Platforms: Meta Quest 2, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation VR2

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