GTFO Surprise Exits Early Access During The Game Awards

Swedish game developer 10 Chambers – formed by industry veterans known for PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 – has been working on their first title as a studio since 2015; GTFO, a 4-player hardcore co-op FPS. First revealed at The Game Awards 2017 and then released as Early Access in 2019, the studio today shocked everyone by surprise-releasing Version 1.0 of the game with a trailer live during The Game Awards 2021. Described as “Left 4 Dead meets Aliens,” it has gained notoriety for being challenging and requiring hardcore cooperation and communication.

The trailer shows how four prisoners – kept captive by a mysterious entity called “The Warden” – move stealthily throughout a vast underground complex, carefully lightening up the darkness with their flashlights. The monsters react to light and motions – and waking them up is a bad idea in GTFO. Resources are scarce, especially ammunition. The trailer is narrated not by a confident, action-packed voice, but a voice oozing of anxiety, scared, and just wanting to get the f**k out of where he is.

Version 1.0 comes with an extensive list of updates: player bots, customizable characters, checkpoints, improved matchmaking, updates to rendering, a refined animation system, and much more. GTFO uses a unique content-delivery system called The Rundown, where it is regularly updated with new content (maps, scenarios, enemies, etc.) – that replaces the old experience never to be playable again. This way, 10 Chambers keeps throwing new exciting challenges at their community, with a game that is always progressing. They’ve delivered seven content drops of varying sizes during the Early Access phase, and the system will continue with GTFO in Version 1.0.

GTFO is available on Steam for $39,99, but to celebrate the Version 1.0 launch, it is now 25% off!

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