Jade Emperor Yu Huang Becomes 120th God of SMITE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters Return

Today, Hi-Rez and Titan Forge Games released the ‘Jade Emperor’ Update with Yu Huang, SMITE’s new playable God. He is the first Mage in a year since Morgan le Fay and Tiamat before her. Yu Huang reigns over the Chinese pantheon.

Everyone can jump into the action right now and play as Yu Huang and his Pearl Dragon to experience the full extent of his might. A total of 120 playable Gods from the world’s mythology are available for free just by playing SMITE.

Extensive design details and Yu Huang visuals can be found in this Closer Look blog post. Here are the full Jade Emperor Update Notes.

In the Chinese pantheon, Yu Huang is the destroyer of the most powerful demon king there ever was. This earned him the everlasting respect and admiration of the gods, who unanimously considered him to be their leader and the supreme ruler of all of Heaven and Earth.

The Jade Emperor’s reign is one of wisdom and enlightenment. Through meditation – and damaging abilities – he attunes to the Dao and unleashes chaining basic attacks.

On the Battleground of the Gods, Yu Huang conjures the flames of a phoenix to consume his enemies. As tamer of the legendary Pearl Dragon, he summons him to levitate and become briefly invulnerable. He can also order the Pearl Dragon to collide with an ethereal counterpart made of pure energy, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion.

New TMNT Skin for Free, Originals are Back

With today’s update, Nickelodeon’s world-famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in SMITE following the 2020 hit crossover. Our warriors now face something worse than the evil Shredder. Enhanced by mutagens and driven by vengeance, their nemesis has become… Super Shredder!

For the first time, Retro Raphael Loki and Krang Xing Tian can be purchased in-game directly. Alternatively, they can be found inside the Cowabunga Chest. New today, this chest also holds the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves plus their 80’s cartoon-inspired versions, complete with master Splinter.

Super Shredder himself will strike as a Ravana skin, available for a month starting on May 5th, 2022. On that day, anyone with a Prime Gaming membership can redeem Super Shredder Ravana for free on the Prime Gaming SMITE page.

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